Yellow Diamond Buying Guide

Before you buy any diamond, you need to learn many things to get the expertise that can help you buy something that is worth your money. Diamonds are expensive, and for that reason, you should even hire an expert to check for you if the diamond you want to buy is natural or not. Also, you can learn the yellow diamond buying guide that can help you understand various colors of diamond available and their prices. It is important to note that the prices of yellow diamond vary with color, clarity, carat, and cut. Below is a brief discussion of yellow diamond buying guide.

Are yellow diamonds rare?

This is the first question we should answer before we dig deep into yellow diamonds buying guide. Yes, yellow diamonds are rare, and that means their prices are relatively higher compared to the colorless diamonds. Rare diamonds are highly demanded, and that is why they are highly priced. Yellow diamonds join the list of other diamonds such as pink, red, orange and several other natural colored diamonds that are rare to find. This explains why colored diamonds are relatively expensive compared to white and colorless diamonds.

Different colors of yellow diamonds

Finding a diamond with one pure color is rare. Most of the diamonds have a combination of colors, and that applies to yellow diamonds. A scale is used to determine the color of a specific diamond. The most common combination found in yellow diamonds are green-yellow, orange-yellow and brown yellow. The yellow color is dormant that is why it is mentioned last. When we look at the yellow diamond color scale, we will find that intensity scale ranges from faint, light, fancy intense to fancy vivid. For that reason, we have Fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, intense yellow, deep yellow and vivid yellow.

How are the prices?

Many factors affect the prices of yellow diamonds. The primary factor is the color. However, we have other factors such as clarity, cut and carat that determine how expensive a yellow diamond can be. If a diamond has a more intense yellow color, it will attract higher prices. Fancy yellow diamonds go for $4500-$5000 per carat. The fancy deep yellow diamond is more expensive compared to fancy yellow diamonds as their color is more intense. Fancy intense yellow diamonds are expensive and cost $6500-$8000 per carat. Vivid yellow diamond is more expensive, and you can get it at $20000-$30000.

Do shape and cut affect the price of a yellow diamond?

The answer to this question is yes. Many people think that cut is the same as shape, but they are two different things. Cut mostly means quality when it comes to diamonds. Cut affects how diamondslook like and in many cases cut is used mainly to maximize the value of a diamond not to maximize the color. When it comes to shape, they affect the price of a yellow diamond. Round and marquise shapes are more expensive compared to cushions, ovals, and radiants. With these and above tips, you now have an idea of what you expect when you go to buy yellow diamond jewels.

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