A makeup mirror is one of the most important makeup tools for beautiful ladies. Ladies use it whenever they want to retouch makeup or even do some touch up on their hair during a party or special occasion. There are many designs of makeup mirrors. As a result, picking the right one is not that easy. To make your search easy, Mirrex brings you Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Charger. This is a fantastic makeup mirror that can be used during the day as well as night. Here is a brief discussion of why this makeup mirror is a must-have.

Technology has advanced, and that has helped Mirrex to make high-tech mirrors with LED lights. This means that people can comfortably apply makeup precisely at any time.  On top of that, you can use your tweezers to pluck unwanted hair on the face at any time. With three levels of brightness, you can use this makeup mirror for skincare at any time. You can adjust the level of brightness by touching specific parts on the smart mirror.

  • The mirror is small in size and light in weight

You want a small makeup mirror that can perfectly fit in your pouch. Also, you need a mirror that is light in weight. For that reason, Mirrex brings a lightweight makeup mirror that can fit in small pouches. Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Charger comes in a small velvet container ideal for traveling. It is the smartest makeup mirror that is stylish and portable.  You can carry it to the night clubs, birthday parties, or any special event, and you will be very comfortable.

  • Features a smart charger

When you go out or travel, your android phone can run out of charge. Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Charger is a makeup tool that can charge android as well as iOS devices. This feature makes the mirror extraordinary. It not only charges an android or iOS device but charges it 2X faster than a normal charger.

  • Features unique technology and 5X magnification power

Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Charger is more than a regular makeup mirror. On top of having unique features, the makeup mirror features a special technology that allows you to see your image more clearly when tweezing or putting on makeup. The Patented Angel Lux technology of the mirror will enable you to apply makeup with precision. Furthermore, with the 5X magnification ability, you can do makeup, tweezing, and blemish control the way you like at any time, anywhere.


Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with Charger is the smartest makeup mirror you can find on the market today. The mirror comes with LED lights as well as 5X magnifying ability. This allows you to put on makeup in the right way and look more amazing. You can use this mirror at any time thanks to its unique features and technology. The mirror is portable and most importantly, available online at a pocket-friendly price. Therefore, don’t be left behind; get this amazing lighted makeup mirror today.

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