Your handbag should have all essential makeup tools. These tools range from makeup kit to makeup mirror. You can have a wide range of makeup products but fail to use them correctly when you don’t have the right makeup mirror. Vanity Makeup mirror by Mirrex is the top mirror you need to apply makeup precisely. With this makeup mirror, you can apply makeup at any time, anywhere. The mirror is portable and can fit well in your handbag. On top of that, the mirror features LED lighting.

A good makeup mirror is highly essential. Why?

Before we look at the description of this amazing makeup mirror, we must highlight why you need a good makeup mirror. If you want to look beautiful all day, you need to have a good makeup mirror that you can use to retouch your makeup. On top of that, a good makeup mirror can be used at any time anywhere. You can use it to control blemishes/blackheads or even remove unwanted hair on the face. in short, a high tech mirror will show your face clearly when applying makeup, tweezing, or even eliminating blackheads. Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex is that right makeup mirror you need to have.

Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex is the best makeup mirror. Why?

  • The mirror is lighted

Makeup mirrors without lights are outdated. For that reason, you need to buy a makeup mirror with lights. Vanity Makeup Mirror features super bright LED lights. The lights allow you to apply makeup or remove blackheads with clarity. The mirror comes with three brightness modes ideal for day and night. You can change from one brightness mode to the other depending on the amount of light you need.

  • Features advanced technology and high magnification power

When applying makeup or tweezing, you need to have a mirror with high magnification ability. The high power allows you to see the fine details, including tiny hairs, facial wrinkles, and even dark spots. This enables you to work on the skin comfortably. On top of that, the mirror features an advanced technology that filters images. This is a unique feature key in makeup application and beauty enhancement.

  • Quick charging function

Vanity Makeup Mirror is not only a makeup mirror but also a portable charger. You can use the mirror to charge your phone as well as other devices such as iPads. Believe it or not, the mirror charges 2X faster than normal chargers.

  • Slim and light design

This makeup mirror by Mirrrex is very light. Furthermore, it comes with an ultra-slim design. For that reason, the makeup mirror can fit in a small pouch or purse. Also, the size makes it easy to use when tweezing, applying makeup, or removing blackheads on the face.


Finding the right makeup mirror is not easy. However, with Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex, you don’t have to search anymore. It is the perfect lighted makeup mirror that can be used anywhere at any time. With its unique features, this mirror is more than a regular makeup mirror. Therefore, get it today!

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