Getting original electronic components online has come to make work easier for manufacturers, agents, and buyers. Allchips is a reliable and intelligent services platform where you can search for electronic components online, make price comparison, purchase and get BOM solutions. We have come online to make our operations easy and more efficient. For that reason, we have come with mouthwatering giveaways for all clients from different countries in the world. We have come with free developments boards, consumable kits for engineers, boutique consumable kits among other prizes. We have come online, and that is why we want to celebrate with our clients. Our clients can participate from 9th to 30th March 2018. All the winners will be announced on 4th April.

Our giveaways

As a leading platform for electronic components, we have come with over 10 million original brands and products. We are the only platform where you can get reliable information about electronic components online. We are giving away development boards and consumable kits for engineers. We have 20 of Raspberry Pi 3, five of Panasonic Grid EYE Module and ten of banana Pi M3. On top of that, we are giving consumable kits that come as set one, set two and set three.

How to participate

The prizes are in different categories. Allchips has made sure that people participate in different ways to give many people chances to win. The first category goes to the persons who top 8 UPVOTES on our website. We have the second category which involves best ideas. Individuals who will impress our engineers with exceptional reasons of why we should give them the prizes will get what they applied for. When it comes to social media, we will give individuals who will have shared/tagged our free give away activity more on their social media platforms. On top of that, we will choose randomly over 29 lucky participants. You just need to visit our website, register and apply for the giveaways. One account will only apply for the prizes once so that we can give many participants a chance.

Tips on how to win our giveaways

The giveaways are for all people interested. Persons from any country in the world can participate. You just need to visit Allchips website and create an account. After that everything will be easy. Our website is user-friendly, therefore expect to have an easy time. After creating an account, you need to share/tag more to get a higher chance of winning our fantastic prizes. On top of that, when giving the reason on why you should get any of our prizes, you should be smart enough so that you can impress our engineers who will not hesitate to select you.


Allchips has come to help people searching for electronic components online. We have come with original electronic components that will serve you right and for a longer time. We have come online with a brand new website which is now a one-stop place for purchasing, price comparison, searching for electronic components and BOM solutions. On top of that, we have come with amazing giveaways as a way to celebrate our online coming. Therefore, participate in our free giveaway activity, and you will become a winner thanks to Allchips.

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