Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex; the Best Cosmetic Mirror for Travel

We all want to look beautiful when heading to work or attending special events like weddings. It is vital to retouch the makeup or refresh the hairstyle while at work or during the party. To do that, you need a Professional Cosmetic Mirror for Travel that fits well in your handbag and can be used anywhere at any time. Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex is that cosmetic mirror you need to have.  Below is a brief discussion of why it is the best professional cosmetic mirror on the market today.

  • Stylish and portable design

You want a mirror that looks elegant, just like your handbag and other makeup tools. This makeup mirror comes in a classic design. Its finishing is just beautiful, and you won’t be ashamed to use it in public. On top of the style, Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights by Mirrex comes in a portable design. It is light in weight and above that, comes in an ultra-slim design. For that reason, you can put it in your small handbag or purse when you go to workor that big event you can’t afford to miss.

  • The mirror comes with bright lights

On top of having a stylish design and look, Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex comes with super bright lights. The lights turn on when one is using the mirror. The most exciting thing about the lights is that you can adjust thebrightness by just touching the mirror with your finger. It offers three levels of brightness. This means that you can pick the brightness level that suits your skin color, skin care procedure, and even the amount of light available where you are. The LED lights allow you to use the mirror anywhere at any time.

  • It is more than an ordinary mirror

If you think that this is just like another mirror, you are very wrong. This is a smart makeup mirror with unique functions.  The mirror is a portable wireless charger. You can use it to charge Android or iOS devices. All you need is to pair the mirror with the device, and it will be charged two times faster than using a normal charger.

  • 5X magnification ability

If you want to see the details of your face, you need to use a mirror with high magnifying ability. As the best Professional Cosmetic Mirror for Travel, Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex comes with a super magnifying power. Therefore, when you use it, you will apply makeup with clarity. Also, with the 5X magnifying power, you can see blackheads, facial wrinkles, as well as spots. You can mask them with your makeup.


Vanity Makeup Mirror by Mirrex is a perfect mirror that can be used when applying makeup, tweezing, removing blackheads, or controlling blemishes. The mirror comes with special features that make it the best professional cosmetic mirror for travel on the market. The makeup mirror is affordable and available online. Therefore, get yours today, and you will takeand use it wherever you go.

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