small LCD screen

What is the small LCD screen

The small lcd screens can be used in many application, such as the mobile phone screen, smart watch’s screen, or other wearable devices.  The small lcd screen used as the HMI screen to the human and the machine, the small lcd screens are widely used for the industrial display, such meters, video, audio screen, outdoor screens, smart home devices, kitchen machines.

The small lcd screen sizes are majority less than 5” in diagonal, that include monochrome lcd display and color screen (small tft display), The color lcd screen is mainly tft lcd display mode, that with TN tft display mode or IPS display mode, the TN tft lcd displays have one direction in color inversion, while IPS displays are free viewing angle, that with better display effect than TN tft display mode in all viewing direction. The small IPS display’s viewing angle can be reached 80 degree in four directions.

The monochrome small lcd screens have segment lcd screen, characters lcd screens, graphic lcd screen, characters lcd screen, the display mode include TN, STN, FSTN, VA ,display mode (gray or yellow background with black characters, blue background with white characters in negative or positive mode. The graphic small lcd screen 96×32 pixels, 96×64 pixels, 128×32 pixels, 128×64 lcd, 128×128 lcd, 240×128, 240×160 dots, and 320×240 lcd.

The VA TN small lcd screens have wide viewing angle as the IPS tft lcd screens, that with high contrast than TN or STN LCD screen.

What is TN LCD?

TN lcd means (twisted nematic) LCD, the namatic liquid crystal elements inside the lcd glass cell,its twisted angle is 90 degree, integrated the front and rear polarizes on the lcd, the polarized angle is also in 90 degree in cross, it control the light transmission and make the tn lcd display on and off.

What is STN LCD?

STN lcd is super-twisted nematic lcd display, it is a type of monochrome lcd display, it is also passive liquid crystal display (LCD). compare to TN lcd, STN LCD twist angle is 240 degree, instead of 90 degree of TN LCD, so we call it STN LCD. STN lcd have yellow-green display mode, gray,black-white mode, blue display mode, available.

What is FSTN LCD?

FSTN lcd display mode is the profession name for black-white STN mode, it is white background and black display characters. it is the nearest color to paper in monochrome lcd, even its real background is a little near to gray. FSTN LCD mode is one of STN mode, it is mean film STN, instead of the background color to yellow-green color or blue color, FSTN LCD add a optics compensating film on the front of FSTN LCD, the optics compensating  film compensate the linear polarize light and color from STN LCD, the STN LCD color turn to white background after light through the optics compensator film. that is the compensating film turn the oval polarized light to the linear polarized light again, then we could get the white and black lcd display. it is the display mode that near to paper. FSTN lcd is widely used in many display application because of its background.


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