What can you do when you receive a debt collection complaint? The best thing to do after receiving a debt complaint is to prepare an answer and file it with the court. If you don’t file a response within the set period, you will find it hard to defend yourself in court. When you submit an answer, you will have a chance to give your side of the case, and that will be considered in the court process. The most important thing in the case is to prepare an accurate answer. If you don’t know how to prepare an answer to complaint, SoloSuit offers the simplest way to prepare the response.

Don’t ignore a debt collection complaint

The law gives a debt collection defendant 21 days to respond to the complaint. During this time, the defendant should read and understand the allegations. If the information on the charge is not clear, the defendant can seek legal advice from a debt defense attorney. After understanding, he or she should prepare a response and file it with the court within the set period. However, if you don’t file a response within the set time, the court takes the information provided by the plaintiff as true. That complicates the whole case for you.

Before filing a response, ensure that it is accurate

You can file a response within the set time, but the response has inaccurate information. To avoid that, you must review the response before submitting it. Remember, it is the first step of defending yourself, so you must take it with the seriousness it deserves. However, if you can’t prepare an accurate answer to complaint, SoloSuit will help you do that.

Preparing an answer to the complaint with SoloSuit

Coming up with an accurate response is important in your defense. For that reason, SoloSuit comes with automated software that can help you prepare an accurate answer to a debt collection complaint. You will be required to answer a few questions about the case, and our software will prepare the response based on your answers. Therefore, it is important to provide accurate information and correct answers when you use our service.

When the answer is ready, it is reviewed by one of our professional debt defense lawyers. The lawyer will make sure that it is well structured and it has responded to all allegations on the complaint. From there, the answer is ready for printing and submission to the court. Also, you need to serve the plaintiff with a copy of the response. On top of preparing answers, SoloSuit offers filing services(optional).


Responding to a debt collection complaint by filing an answer is the first move of defending yourself. For that reason, you should take it seriously by preparing an accurate answer and submitting it within 21 days of receiving the complaint. If you don’t know how to prepare an accurate answer to complaint, SoloSuit is here to help you. On top of that, we can file the answer with the court and serve the opposing party with a copy on your behalf upon request.

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