Advertising has a vital role to play in every business. There are many methods of advertising your business, especially when it comes to the digital world. Email marketing is the most popular and effective method to advertise your services or products. Businesses use it very often to improve direct sales and trust among customers. According to the study, more than half of the email sent was still direct mail. Many businesses use this form of online marketing, but some fail to reap its benefits because of a lack of knowledge and proficiency.

Using social media apps like Connected, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to get information about email personalization is a great thing you can consider. Here are the best ways that can help you improve your email campaigns:

Customize your email content

Do you want to boost email marketing efficacy? Then, personalizing email content is a good way to get started with. Customized emails increase transaction rates to a greater extent. Personalization is one of the most important parts of the general email content. To personalize email content, including the name of the contact in the content is one way. Another thing you can do is to segment the audience into groups. This way, more relevant content to each group can be sent.

Alter the timing to send emails

The main thing to emphasize is to find out those people who check their emails often. This will increase the chances of opening your emails very soon. If you take more time between sending your emails and customers checking them, then your emails will be less expected to read. So, sending emails on the weekend may give you benefits because, during the weekend, you may have less competition, and people usually check their emails on weekends.

Do not use certain words

There is no need to use certain words in your emails like 50 percent off, bargain, etc. It is because due to these words, emails may be moved to spam. The reason behind it is spamming. These days, filters are developing day by day that allows only genuine content to enter inboxes. Sometimes, you may need to use a typical spam word because of relevancy to your content, then you need to be inventive with subject lines.

Prepare an engaged email list

Some entrepreneurs have many people in their email lists, but if they are not engaged, then it is of no value. This is why it is important to have engaging people in email lists. You should remove inactive and old subscribers from your list, which will make your campaigns profitable. You should check for email addresses, which have bounced many times.

Optimize your emails for mobiles

Make sure your emails have better mobile templates. Some things to ensure:

  • Short subject lines
  • Email designs must be under 600 pixels
  • Utilize one-column email designs
  • Utilize a larger font

To increase the chances of email campaigns become higher, your business must also stay active on social media as well including Facebook, Instagram, Connected India, Reddit, and much more.

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