For a homeowner, installing a driveway gate can be a significant expenditure. One of the wisest investments for your home is installing an automatic driveway gate. If you’re not sure if it’s worth the money, here at Access Driveway Gates, we will show you why you should consider having driveway security gates for enhanced security and better convenience for you and your home.

What is an Automatic Driveway Gate or Driveway Security Gates?

Automatic Driveway Gates are usually programmed to utilize an engine to control the movement of the gate doors. Motorized driveway gates give more control to the owner on their properties than manual driveway gates since they can open or close the gates remotely.

There are additional benefits of what an automatic driveway gate can offer. So, what are these additional benefits? We will go over on the perks that make them a must-have in our homes.

  • Enhanced Security Features.

An automatic driveway gate is usually installed with intercoms allowing the owners or anyone assigned to the security premises to see and talk with the visitors. Home security features like automatic closure, pin-controlled keypad access, intercom systems, and solid steel locks provide clear reasons for individuals with bad intentions to move on to more simple targets. This type of driveway gate can also restrict pedestrian and vehicle access to your property. It is also ideal for securing and protecting large and expensive properties like vehicles – since your property is less visible from the outside that can lower the risk of theft.

  • Further Safety for You, your Family and your Pets.

Since driveway security gates require access from the owner, this type of driveway gate will prevent your children and your pets from opening the gates and wandering off the streets by themselves. It will also prevent unwanted guests from communicating with your children because of the intercoms present on your driveway gates. These are the two of the many valuable benefits that this driveway gate may provide. 

  • Automated Convenience.

Electric driveway gate provides you greater automated convenience. As stated earlier, you do not have to be around to go and watch who comes to your property. You can access your driveway gates through your remotes or your mobile phone. You will not have to be there or go out and open the gates for your visitors or go out of your car and open the gate for you to enter; instead, you can remotely open the driveway gates for you and your visitors.

  • Additional Resale Value for your Home.

Adding or choosing an automatic driveway gate for your home is usually an excellent value-add. It will reflect the investment you have made and the high-quality features of your home. Because of its practical benefits and aesthetic appeal, a gate is an appealing feature to potential buyers. If you decide to sell your home, attractive fences and gates can not only add value to the property, but this may also assist in setting a standard from others on the market. An increase in property value might help you access more home equity or profit from the sale of your family’s most valuable asset.

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  • Lower Insurance Premiums.

Your insurance provider may reduce your premiums if you install an automatic driveway gate. Electric gates provide several advantages, including the possibility to increase home security, according to insurance experts.

A driveway gate can lower your premiums for motor cars, boats, trailers, and caravans, in addition to your home and contents insurance. These savings can add up over time and maybe enough to cover the expense of installing your gates.

  • Enhancing the Appearance of your Home.

An automatic driveway gate can increase the appearance of your home – you can add an attractive and fancy touch to your driveway gates without sacrificing its security and durable features. There are a variety of designs that can improve and enhance the aesthetics of your curb appeal – it can be modernized, traditional, and the rustic type. 

Here at Access Driveway Gates, we offer the following range of material designs for automatic driveway gates that you can choose:

  • Wooden Driveway Gates
  • Aluminum Driveway Gates
  • Vinyl Driveway Gates
  • Wrought Iron Driveway Gates
  • Steel Driveway Gates

We have a gate to suit every property thanks to our wide range of styles. This wide range of material options can elevate the appeal and aesthetics of your curb. We also offer customized services that manufacture the driveway gate design that you wanted to achieve for your home. If you would like to get more ideas and information on how much these automatic driveway gates cost, Access Driveway Gates can help you. We can also assist you in determining which design, material, and configuration are best suited for your property and its unique topography, as well as the expected materials and labor costs.

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