In every business, marketing plans are essential. They help companies to grow their customer base which helps the businesses to make more sales and grow their revenue. The marketing plans may vary from businesses to businesses, but in the digital world, many companies are going for content marketing as well as inbound marketing strategies. The strategies have proved to be effective for many companies that want to attract customers online. When it comes to renewable energy companies, the strategies are effective and have proved to be a perfect solution when it comes to marketing.

Companies that deal with renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal or solar electrical energy need excellent marketing plans. In today’s digital world, inbound and content marketing has become essential to improve online sales for many businesses. When it comes to renewable energy marketing, energy companies need to have the right team that understands their target customers. On top of that, the companies need to have marketing plans that will enable them to get more certified leads and buyers online. Below is a detailed discussion of four main stages of coming up with a perfect marketing plan for the renewable energy business.


Before you come up with content and inbound marketing strategy, you need to know where you are as a business. For that reason, you need to know the number of the leads that your website generates and the percentage of certified leads. It is also important to collect current metrics and determine the value of the certified leads generated by your website. Furthermore, you will be required to come up with ideas that can be implemented in premium content. After that, you will be able to unite your team, and you will have an idea of where you are now and your goals as a renewable energy company.

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Buyer personal development

In any marketing plan, it is important to determine ideal buyers. By knowing ideal buyers, you have a clear picture of who they are and that will play a significant role in helping the marketing plan work. You need to identify most recurring customers, note the standard solutions to their needs and collect relevant information about them and their behaviors. This will help you know how they do their research online and you will be able to come up with content that answers most of their questions.

Buyer journey mapping

At this stage, eBooks and email subjects are laid down to nurture the leads on your website. It is important to note what your buyers’ personas seek during various stages of becoming customers. Brainstorm content concepts for potential customers for awareness, consideration, decision stage as well as customer stage. Outline how the content will be structured to transform and nurture the leads on the buyer’s persona’s journey.

Inbound campaign setup

This is the final stage of coming up with an inbound marketing strategy for a renewable energy company. All the content ideas are put together in an inbound strategy. For that reason, you need to do keyword research to come up with high-quality SEO content that will help your website get good ranking on search engines. Also, establish tools and platforms that will help you make the marketing plan a success.

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