The modern world is witnessing a massive advancement in technology. The spread of internet and rise of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, machine learning (ML) etc has led to many changes in the way modern customers spend their time. With all this mind, it has become very important for companies to go online. Which is why they are willing to hire seasoned digital marketers who can help them in creating a strong brand presence consistently. Today’s marketers are also going for executive programs in digital which can add value to their resume and help them land a good job in this domain.

Why should marketers go the online way?

Digital marketing is a popular career option these days. Even for marketers who have been in the industry for a while now, an entry into this field would mean getting an entry into newer ways of promotion and advertising. Gone are the days when marketing was done the conventional way. Offline marketing has its own set of disadvantages.

It is difficult to measure conventional marketing campaigns and even more difficult to monitor them effectively. This makes it problematic for marketers to justify their marketing spends. Whereas online promotions are just the opposite. Therefore, companies prefer it and marketers are going for certification programs in this field.

5 Signs you need an executive program in the field of digital marketing

Executive programs in digital marketing are very much in demand. This is because of a host of reasons why a working professional needs a program tailored to meet the needs of online marketing. Five key reasons are given below –

  1. The world is going virtual

India has the second highest number of internet users in the world. This makes it a highly desired market for online advertising and promotion campaigns of any kind. Today’s consumer is found online. He is not only using internet for information but using it to makes friends, form opinions, study and work as well. This consumer is constantly connected to the world wide web. All this makes it necessary for marketers to understand digital marketing and use it to benefit their brands.

  1. The new age marketing is changing

The marketing mix is changing drastically. Companies are increasing the budget for their online campaigns which effectively reduces the focus on offline campaigns. This means that there will be lesser jobs and little chance of professional growth if you stick to the offline world. The corporate world is undergoing a digital transformation. Companies want to take the maximum share of their customers’ attention by staying online. This makes sense because even the customers are online. There are several tools that help analyse the efficacy of campaigns as well as customer segmentation. This makes it easier to create a connect with the customer.

Online campaigns are far easier to create and also change instantly when required. It helps segment the customers precisely. It is also helpful in tracking the exact returns from a campaign.

  1. Digital skills are a necessity

Several new digital jobs are going to come up in the next few years. A report mentioned that in UK alone, roughly 2 million new digital jobs will come up by the year 2020. This is a big number. Obviously, there is a digital skills gap which needs to be filled up by existing professionals as well as freshers. Within, the realm of online marketing there are many skills such as analytics, campaign management, content marketing etc which are required. Marketers need to adapt themselves to some of these skills to stay employable.

  1. Digital skills are helpful in the gig economy

Digital skills not only provide an opportunity to find jobs, they also make it possible for a person to work independently on his own. Companies want people with digital skills and do not have enough workforce ready to take on the challenge of adapting to the new environment. Organizations are looking towards freelancers to fill the gap. Many companies will look forward to adapting flexible recruitment strategies. They will hire people with specific skills on temporary basis. The aim will be to fulfil project requirements and recruit according to the technological skills of the hired workforce. Therefore, the gig economy will thrive by providing people with the right skills. For example, organizations will hire content strategists and writers when they while setting up a website. Or, they will hire social media campaign managers for social media specific campaigns.

  1. Digital skills help in getting paid more than the peers

There is a high demand for digital marketing professionals and not enough supply. Organizations are always looking for good talent. They are willing to pay more than others in order to get a good hire who fulfils their requirements. Therefore, it is a good idea to update on one’s digital skills and be prepared for the new technologically advanced economy where these skills are in high demand. This will help in staying employable, growing fast and making more money than your peers.

There are 2 ways through which one can acquire digital skills. The first thing to do is to get actual work experience of this field by taking up assignments at your workplace or going for freelancing with clients. This can be additional to your work profile. Secondly, it is also very important to gain the theoretical knowledge as well as the skills to work on the tools and techniques of this field. For this purpose, a candidate can go through the options available. There are many colleges offering good executive programs in digital marketing, and you could pursue one of those programs. It is a good idea to learn about the course curriculum and then make a choice. Upon program completion, all institutes offer a certificate of completion which gets added to one’s resume and adds credibility to a professional’s academic qualifications.

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