Many businesses are adopting digital marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is part of the digital marketing that is helping many businesses to grow and make more sales online. The methodology involves that use high-quality content and many online platforms to attract and get customers. Businesses are taking this route because customers are using online platforms and search engines before they buy products or services. For that reason, companies must have websites and use online platforms to be relevant in today’s markets.

Inbound marketing involves the use of quality and relevant contents that benefit target customers. The content is published on websites, blogs as well as social media platforms where target customers can access them. The content varies from stage to stage as there are several stages of converting visitors to your site into real customers. The content should be informative and promotional at some stages. Most of the content needs to address the needs and problems of the ideal buyers. This enables you to attract prospects for your business. Below is a brief discussion of how inbound marketing funnel can help your business grow.

To attract ideal customers

Businesses need to attract customers from all corners. No business can thrive without customers. For that reason, any company that wants to grow it must come up with a strategy that can attract ideal buyers. The first stage in inbound marketing involves that use of quality content for blogs, website as well as social media. The content attracts strangers to your business. The content at this stage needs to be optimized for your site to get good ranking on search engines like Google. On top of that, the content needs to informative and address all needs and problems of the ideal buyers.

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Convert visitors into leads

When you attract more visitors to your site through quality content, you need to convert the visitors into leads. You can do this through messaging, forms and even meetings. The essence of this is to create conversations that work best for the visitors for easy conversion. At this stage make sure you chat with the visitors and answer all their questions. Furthermore, you need to create landing pages and come up with premium content offers.

Transform leads into customers

At this stages, you have qualified leads that can be transformed into customers. You need to do lead nurturing, email marketing, sales alignments and marketing automation. On top of that, you need to have the right tools for sales for this stage to be successful.

Transform customers into promoters

This stage is equally important as the others. At this stage, you need to offer exceptional services that will please all the clients you serve. On top of that, you need to do social media monitoring and come up with dynamic web content that will make the customers become your business promoters.


From above it is evident that many businesses can get more leads and customers through the website as well as social media platforms. A company also needs to use other tools such as a broken link checker to scan the site to detect and report the status of all external and internal links across the domain. Broken links checker is a link to a perfect tool that you can use to check all your links. Use the information to get ahead and remain ahead of your competitors using inbound marketing methodology.

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This Article Originally posted on January 2, 2020 @ 10:02 am

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