SoloSuit; A Helper When Preparing an Answer to a Debt Collection Lawsuit

Receiving a summons for debt collection is disturbing. It can affect your concentration at work and make you live with the fear of being arrested. However, if you handle it professionally by filing a response within 21 days of receiving the complaint, you will be on the safe side. Many people make mistakes by ignoring the summons, and that gives the plaintiff a chance of winning the case. If you don’t know how to answer a summons for debt collection, SoloSuit is here for you. We have the right software and personnel to help you prepare and even file an answer for a debt collection lawsuit.

It is essential to file a response. Why?

When someone files a case with the court that you owe them money and you have failed to pay within the agreed time, you are given a chance to file an answer to the complaint. This allows the court to have your story and that of the plaintiff. If you don’t file a reply within 21 days of receiving the complaint, the judge takes the plaintiff’s information as true, and you will not have a better chance to defend yourself. For that reason, it is highly important to file a response within 21 days.

Filing an answer is the first step of defending yourself

You should know that filing a response to a debt collection lawsuit is the first step of defending yourself. As a result, you should take it seriously. You need to read and understand the summon. From there, you should prepare an answer professionally. That is where SoloSuit comes in. We will help you prepare your answer, just like a pro. We know it is the first step of your defense, and that is why we have the best-automated software for the job.

How SoloSuits helps you

As mentioned, we are here to help you prepare an accurate answer to a debt collection summons. Thanks to our software, you are required to answer a few questions about the debt case. You must answer the questions correctly by providing accurate information. From there, the answers are reviewed by one of our top debt defense lawyers. After that, your answer is ready to be filed with the court. We also remind you to send a copy to the plaintiff.

We can help you file your answer

If you are not ready to file the response with the court, SoloSuit will help you do that. We will print two copies; send one to the plaintiff and submit the other to the court. After that, you will just wait for court communication about the case. Remember, we are not a law firm; our service is to help you prepare a response to a debt collection lawsuit. Also, upon request, we can file the answer with the court.


When you receive a summons for debt collection, you should not ignore it.  You should learn how to answer a summons for debt collection or let the experts help you prepare and file your answer. SoloSuit is here to help you come up with an answer to a summons for debt collection. On top of that, we can file the answer with the court and send one copy to the other party on your behalf.

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