A Brief About Four Successful Healthcare Marketing Projects

Many companies are using sophisticated marketing strategies to attract and get more customers. Some of the strategies are expensive while some are ineffective. For that reason, companies even those specializing in health care services are going the digital way. Many companies are using inbound marketing strategies that help businesses to grow and expand even in competitive markets. Inbound marketing involves the use of online platform’s and quality content to capture the attention of ideal customers and convert them into real buyers of services and products. The following is a detailed discussion that shows how four healthcare companies have used inbound marketing campaigns to become successful.

Greenway Health

Greenway Health is one of the companies that work hard to deliver exceptional health information technologies to the healthcare sector. The company works hard to create and deliver innovative technologies that play significant roles in improving the healthcare services. The company has a well-designed website that they share posts, webinars and other resources that benefits the website visitors. The company comes up with contents that are engaging, relevant and above all beneficial to their buyer persona. This helps that company to grow the number of their customers as well as the number of visitors to their site.


RevenueXL is one of the companies that specializes in the implementation of practice management software in the healthcare sector. The company has grown significantly over the years thanks to inbound marketing campaigns. The company has used and executed a content strategy that has enabled them to grow their customer base. The strategy has enabled the company to increase traffic on their website and above all increase online presence. They use beneficial contents and have plenty of call-to-action on their posts which compel visitors to download eBooks, schedule demonstrations or even register for their newsletter.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo clinic has proved to be a leader in the healthcare sector. The company has over 1.2 million Twitter followers, and that means a lot to their business. Mayo Clinic has one of the best blog sites where their customers, their loved ones as well as Mayo Clinic experts meet to share their stories. They offer exceptional contents that keep their customers informed and the stories inspire many ideal customers who eventually become their customers. They have used all means possible to have a strong social media presence which is shown by their followers on Twitter and over 700000 likes on Facebook.


HIMSS is one of the companies that have a mission of providing better healthcare services through IT. The company provides educational posts, research findings, podcasts and other resources which are easily accessed on the resources library. HIMSS has a strong social media presence where they offer quality images and infographics.


From above it is evident that healthcare content marketing strategies can help healthcare companies to grow. All the above healthcare providers have the right teams that execute all their plans. They also use tools that show current metrics about their websites. If you want to use inbound marketing strategies successfully, you can get insights that can lead your healthcare startup to success.

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