B2B startups need to grow their customer base and make more sales. Many of the Series A funded startups are working hard to makes sure that they get series B funding for them to grow and expand. Also when it comes to Series B funded startups, they are working hard to increase their sales. Both groups need to work on how they interact with their ideal customers for them to grow. It is important that the startups understand their ideal buyers for them to increase their sales.

Inbound marketing has become the solution to many of the startups who want to use digital marketing strategies. The strategies use content that is relevant to the ideal buyers. On top of that, the strategy involves that use of eBooks, guides and many other resources that are beneficial to the ideal customers and attract them to the startups” websites. This improves web traffic of the sites, and that helps the website to generate leads that are converted to customers. To know the ranking and traffic on your website or webpage, you can visit sureoak; the home of SEO services. Below is a brief discussion of all you need to know about best growth strategies for b2b startups.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing strategies target to create content that is more appealing to your ideal customers or buyer persona. For that reason, you need to understand your buyer persona and come up with content that offers solutions to some of their problems. Blogging comes at the first stage of this methodology. The essence of blogging is to attract visitors to the website and create organic traffic. The content also helps in the ranking of the website on search engines where ideal buyers can easily find you.

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After building web traffic and attracting more visitors to the websites, it is important for the visitors to be converted into leads. For that reason, premium content is used to convert the visitors into leads. EBooks, Guides, emails and other resources are used in the conversion stage. At this stage, you will be able to identify qualified leads that can easily be converted into customers. Furthermore, you should conduct webinars to educate prospects further.

Outbound marketing

When you employ outbound marketing strategies with inbound marketing in mind, you will have a successful marketing campaign. You should nurture the leads using emails, blog posts and free resources that address the ideal customers’ needs and wants. PPC has also become popular recently. Having ads on search engines has become expensive, but many people who click on the ads become your customers. Having the ads is good exposure, but PPC should be carefully used to help close ideal customers ready to buy the services/products.


From above it is evident that inbound marketing, when combined with outbound marketing strategies, can help b2b startups to grow. The strategies aim to improve online presence which eventually helps the companies to grow their customer base. Therefore, use the above B2B marketing for startups strategies, and you will not be disappointed.

This Article Originally posted on January 2, 2020 @ 11:05 am

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