Managing properties is a bit a challenge when they are owned by an association. For that reason, owners’ associations are looking for reliable strata managers association that can help them with owners association management services. This makes running of the building or property easy for the owners. On the other hand, tenants enjoy quality services. PLACE Strata Management is a top company in the Middle East that provides quality owners association management services to a wide range of projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Below is a detailed discussion of our services and why we are the go-to strata managers association.

Owners association management and development consultancy services

PLACE Strata Management is an experienced association that has highly qualified professionals who can and have managed top buildings and properties in the Middle East. The team is always ready to manage your property in the right way to make sure that you get possible returns within the right time. On topo of that, we make sure that your tenants are happy and enjoy using the property or building in the right way. We also offer exceptional development consultancy services. The services will make sure that you invest your money on profitable and functional projects. Our consultancy team has vast experience as they have worked with many local as well as international developers in the region.

Compliance, utility billing and facility management services

When it comes to development and management of projects, you need to comply with the set local and international regulations. For that reason, as the best strata managers association, PLACE Strata Management offers compliance services that make sure your development project are done according to the set regulations. The team makes sure that it stays informed in matters of legislative and compliance. On top of that, the leading full-service owners association management firm provides facility management services ranging from asset condition audits to energy management and analysis. We also offer utility billing services.

Why hire PLACE Strata Management?

  • A highly trained and experienced team

You can’t trust somebody who is not trained and experienced to run your investment. For that reason, we have come with an experienced team that has worked with many local and international developers in the region. The team will make sure that all our services are the best and meet all your owners association needs. Our team in the development consultancy department has the right mind to give you the right advice that can grow your investment.

  • We are certified

PLACE Strata Management is a certified company offering a wide range of services ranging from owners association management to development consultancy. The company also holds all official insurances as well as commercial licenses. On top of that, we have a good track record having helped many developers and investors in the Middle East.


From above it is evident that PLACE Strata Management is one of the best strata managers association helping many developers and owners associations in the Middle East. We have the right team that can help you with the right advice and expertise in managing properties and buildings. Hire us and you will not be disappointed.

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