7 Tricks to Get the Best Deals on Storage Units

Storage units Bakersfield are a necessity for many individuals and businesses nowadays. They offer a lot of convenience for storage without having to pay so much for upgraded homes or offices. Although storage units are affordable, with a little due diligence you can be able to get even better deals on the units. Here are some of the tricks you can use to get the best deal and get the most of the storage unit you will rent.

Don’t pay for amenities you do not need – storage units come with different amenities that will affect the cost per month of the unit. For instance, a climate controlled unit will cost more than one that is not climate controlled. If you are not storing items that need climate control then you should go for a unit without climate control so you can pay less. 24/7 access to the facility is another extra that you might not really need. It is not usual that you will need your items in the middle of the night especially when you have just stored household items. Decide the amenities that you need beforehand so that these extras being provided do not lure you into paying more.

Get the right size – another factor that affects the rent you will pay is the size of the storage unit. You should therefore take time to really get the size right so that you will not be paying for space you are not using. You can get storage units as small as 5’ x 5’ which can be enough when you need a space the size of a typical home closet.

Look for new facilities –storage units Bakersfield are one of the most growing real estate investments in the region and elsewhere. The new storage units will have lower occupancy and therefore they might offer huge discounts to attract more people to their facility.

Optimize the space of your storage unit – if you are going to get the best out of your storage unit you should maximize the use of it. It is imperative that you arrange your items properly so that you get the most out of the unit that you have. If you are unable to use the space wisely you might find yourself requiring another space. First have a logical plan on how to arrange the items. Mark the items that you will not need often and have them at the farthest end and at the bottom. Heavy items should be below and the lighter ones on top. Items that you need frequently should be near the door. Also ensure that you leave a path that offers easy access to every part of the storage unit.

Determine for how long you will need the storage unit – you also need to know for how long you will need the unit for. Many facilities offer discounts when you prepay the rent. Also, there are huge discounts when you take the storage unit for a long term instead of the monthly basis.

Compare available options – there are many storage units Bakersfield to choose from. You should therefore compare between the available options to see which one is offering the best rates. There are websites that will allow you to be able to compare the available units in the area side by side. You will see the size of the unit, amenities and the price. This can guide you into finding a really affordable unit.

Go further from where you are – storage units that are close will charge more because of the easy access you will have to your items. However if you do not need to access the items every so often then you should opt for a facility that is a little bit further away to pay less.

Bundle services – there are facilities that offer transport services for instance to move your items to the storage unit. Choosing to bundle the services may give you a much better deal than only using one service.

With these tips, renting a storage unit for less In Bakersfield can become a reality. You will not need to compromise on what you really need because you will get exactly what you need for less.

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