How to Prepare Your Furniture for Storage

Furniture is bulky and takes up a lot of space in your home. There are many reasons why you might want to store your furniture including; when you are downsizing, planning a major renovation to your home, or you want to preserve your antiques. If you want to get your furniture in the best shape when you are picking it up, then it needs to be well prepared beforehand. If you need to store furniture for whatever reasons and whatever durations of time, then storage units Allen will come in handy.

Before you even get to prepare your furniture, you need to have chosen the right storage unit for storing furniture. Not every storage unit might work well especially when you are going to store furniture made of leather, delicate fabrics, antiques, and sofas. This is because these materials are highly affected by moisture. You will therefore need to rent a climate controlled unit when you are storing furniture.

Whether you find a climate controlled unit or not here are some essential tips to use when storing your furniture to ensure that it is in excellent condition when you are picking it up.

Clean it thoroughly before storage – before taking your furniture to the storage unit, ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned and it is dry. Start by removing all loose pieces of dirt and chunks of food on the furniture especially the sofas. After dusting, vacuum thoroughly or clean using any other appropriate method. For wooden, metal or glass surfaces, use an appropriate cleaner to wipe the surfaces clean. After cleaning, ensure that the furniture has dried completely before you pack it for storage. If you leave pockets of moisture it could cause your furniture to become discolored or damaged through rotting.

For wooden surfaces you should apply a sealant after cleaning especially when you are storing for long periods. Sealing helps by keeping the wooden surface looking great and protecting it from weather elements. For leather use leather cleaner and then also apply a sealant on it to prevent mold and other types of damage from occurring.

Packing your furniture – if you can take your furniture to the storage units Allen, you will need to pack them so that they are protected from dirt, moisture and humidity. You will need to cover your furniture using furniture blankets or cotton pieces of cloth. Do not use plastic to directly cover your furniture. This is because plastic encourages condensation to occur which will lead to growth of mold on the furniture. Cloth on the other hand allows for circulation of air which reduces chances of mold growth.

Before packing your furniture you might also consider disassembling it. Disassembly will reduce the size of the furniture making it easy to store. It also makes it easy to transport the furniture to the storage unit. You will also need to protect parts of the furniture that can break easily with bubble wrap. Just ensure that the wrap since it is plastic is not placed directly on the furniture. You can also use soft padding material like blanket to protect those areas instead of bubble wrap.

Store the furniture strategically – after you have done everything else it is time to store your furniture. This step is just as important because it will determine how well you make use of the available space and protect your furniture. For instance you should note the areas that are sensitive and easy to break and avoid placing other items on them. Arranging your furniture strategically will make access easy and will give you space to store more items. If you are looking to store your furniture for a very long time, you might consider placing some protection on the floor to prevent moisture from the cement reaching the items.

If you have to stack up items on each other consider their weight and the size. Do not try to balance items that are not naturally stable and leave them balanced. They could fall over anytime and break bringing you unprecedented losses.

With storage units Allen you can now be able to keep pieces of furniture that you do not want to sell off until you need them. You can also save furniture for your children so they can use it when they move out.

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