Daybeds serve the dual purpose of sleeping and sitting. Thus, the furniture is structured such that the cushions can be used for both sitting and sleeping postures.


Why do you need daybeds?

Daybeds have part of the modern homes due to the elegance it offers. But, history shows that daybeds have been used by Egyptian, Roman, Greek, & Chinese civilizations. Not many are aware of it. So, rather than saying daybeds as trending designs, it should be noted that this is a reinvention of the classics. This classic is desired by many because:

  • occupies lesser space;
  • affordable;
  • can be used for relaxing in the garden; and
  • aesthetic appeal to the yard.


Top designs in the outdoor daybeds

There are many models available in the market. The size and the seating arrangements also vary from one model to another. However, you can also contact a professional to custom-make the designs with additional seats or cushions.

  1. Zinus Quick Lock Twin Daybeds


This is a simple model of daybed made of steel. The structure is firm and durable. This does not break or crack easily as the steel rods are fixed with quick lock system. The cushion may decompress but returns to its former shape. Thus, there is no fear of permanent damage. The colour available is black. This simple look makes it every bit cool in a garden.

  1. Patio Lounge Daybed

Designed and developed by Great Deal Furniture, this daybed offers a canopy. This is made of synthetic fibers that can accommodate stretching. The canopy serves as shade during summer. This is made of wood and is water resistant.  It is more suitable for comfortable bathing in the sun in your backyards. This also gives a vibe of holidaying on an island.

  1. Sushi

This is a daybed model built by Studio Joa Herrenknecht. This daybed is easy to assemble. This can also serve as a guest bed. This is mainly useful for people who travel or move around a lot as this daybed is easier to disassemble and reassemble.

  1. Timber Daybed

Developed by Chmara Rosinke, the main idea of this daybed is to incorporate the elements of Japanese culture. The entire structure is so sleek that it resembles a tatami mat. The synchronization between the wooden structure that is the base and the free elements attached to this displays a high degree of sophistication with a simple design.

  1. ‘Meet Me Pop’

This is the title offered to the daybed that has been designed by the world-famous Giorgio Soressi and manufactured by Erba Italia. It has an arched backrest that makes it look like fitting suitable of a king.  This is currently available in two variants: tufted and smooth. The frame is made of steel and is covered with either fabric or leather. The selection of the material is based on the customer’s preference.

  1. Cambridge-Casual Convertible Sofa Daybed

This daybed can be used for both indoors and outdoors. The entire structure is made of solid mahogany and therefore does not break easily. The cushions are very soft and lightweight. Also, it is easy to set this up. This daybed is preferable for your yards with swimming pools mainly due to the serenity it displays.

  1. Vintage Model

This is the most common form of an outdoor daybed. The cushions are available in cotton, leather, or synthetic fibres. Based on your requirements, you can opt for the number of seats.  Armrest may be present in either of the sides. If the armrest is not required, you can also go for just the seating structure. An example of this model is the Dutch Daybed.

  1. Night and Day Model

As the name aptly describes, this is a daybed aimed to offer utmost comfort both at day and night. The reclining back serves as a chair, by providing support to leisurely carry out our functions such as reading; while at night the same is used to sleep comfortably. It is designed by the designers Patricia Urquiola for Molteni & C. There are also many pieces in this collection.

  1. Thai-styled daybeds

The elements of the daybeds remain the same. The only difference is that the cushions are circular. This resembles the queens’ and king’s bed style seen in the pictures of medieval times.

  1. Under the canopy

Most of the recent trends are focusing on the element of the canopy. These are available in retractable forms. Thus, the amount of shade can be controlled while outdoors. At the time, it provides the bliss of sleeping under the stars.


The cushions that are available with the daybeds tend to be soft & comfortable. As such, you will definitely look forward to unwinding on the daybed at all times. It is worth bringing home. From the above models, one can see the comfort that it offers. Having such an item in our patios will add to the beauty of our homes. Who knows, it can also become the icon of elegance amidst our belongings. So, do not hesitate to invest money on this and be a proud owner of this vintage collection from

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