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Making a Delectable Cup of Pod Coffee

The pandemic has changed the usual way of living for many people worldwide. The home-boundness has increased while also making way for many economical DIY options that people have explored through the lockdowns. Caffeine lovers fall in the category of people who have learned to brew their pod coffee at home with perfection. More the people, the more varied their taste buds. And who can better understand that than yourself? So here are some tips to fix yourself that perfect cuppa at home.

Selecting the right capsule

There is no standard in choosing the “best” pod coffee, and it all depends on your respective usage and preference. Pod brewers are usually the go-to options for a quick fix for most people, as they lack the original aesthetics of brewing coffee through other methods. But the same is not valid anymore. With creative new pods like Caffitaly, you can find the option most suitable for your needs and adjust it to enhance the final product.

Hot or cold?

As already mentioned, there’s no perfect fit for all, but experimenting with different ingredients helps you find an optimal fit for yourself. Similarly, the temperature of the coffee is a personal preference, but it has been found that coffee brewed in hot water is quicker to provide you with the aromas than cold-pressed options. Although cold-pressed options are more flavourful and healthier, keeping an extract is not always possible. It’s best to have an instant fix of pods for emergency purposes.

Latte or flat white?

This again is a matter of choice but only for those who do not like their coffee black. This is usually an option for guests, where a typical taste can be served without second thoughts. Flat white is usually creamier than the lattes, so the required consistency will help you pick your option. Lattes, on the other hand, are less intense than the flat whites, partly due to the difference in coffee concentration and partly for the fact that they are usually flavoured.

Fresh is best

There are many premixes available for instant coffee these days, but there’s no comparison with a freshly brewed cup. The intense profiles of a fresh brew give a full-bodied flavour to the drink, sure to provide satisfaction from a single serving. There are so many ways that one can go wrong with coffee because there are different profiles of taste in various beans. To ensure that you do justice to yours, just get the right pod as discussed above and brew it to perfection.

A pinch of flavour

Those who like to try flavourful drinks to break the monotony and can stomach some strong spice flavours should definitely try it. Adding just a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom can transform the utils you intend to derive from your coffee. And once you like it, you’re hooked for life. Not just spices; you can add nuttiness through hazelnuts (roasted or not), caramelise it or just enjoy a dash of crème. Chocolate lovers out there can go for mocha, which is subtle and delectable.


Brewing coffee is an art that not many possess. But you don’t need to be that proficient anymore, as coffee pods are here for your rescue. The range of pods available to you will give you many options to experiment with and find that one you can bulk order for lower prices. The sustainability of these options is the real beauty of the product.


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