Many businesses in the world are conducting marketing campaigns to grow their customers base. Many of the businesses are in the healthcare sector. A few healthcare companies have become successful through marketing campaigns. The campaigns use content and social media platforms to reach as many ideal customers as possible. This helps the healthcare businesses to provide essential information to their ideal customers who they later convert to customers. Below is a detailed discussion of four examples of healthcare businesses that have become successful through healthcare content marketing strategies.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic employs customer-centric approaches that have made them popular in the healthcare sector. The clinic has the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog where Mayo clinic personnel, their clients, and their loved ones come together and share their stories. The blog provides quality content to all the users of the blog and makes sure that they attract many visitors. On top of that Mayo clinic has a strong online presence which is shown by the 1.2 million Twitter followers and 700000 likes on Facebook. The blog and online presence help Mayo Clinic to connect with their market and grow.


HIMSS has a mission of producing much better healthcare through IT. For that reason, they use high-quality content on their site as well as social media platforms. HIMSS uses plenty of research findings, posts, and podcasts that can be easily accessed on their resources library. Users can search for content even using topics as well as content types. They have a fantastic and easy-to-use site. When it comes to social networking, HIMSS’ content shines. Their contents have infographics and images that are engaging, and that makes them get boosts when people retweet and like their posts.

Greenway Health

Greenway has worked hard to develop an easy to use website. On top of that, they update their blog sites with exciting whitepapers, webinar as well as posts. You can also spot quick links when you visit their site which can lead you to most of their useful contents. Greenway Health understands their buyer persona, and that is why they come up with content that benefits them. On their blogs, they have call-to-action messages that encourage the visitors to their site to engage more with them through premium content offers.


This is another healthcare that specializes in integrated practice management software and electronic health records. The provider has executed content strategy, and that has improved their web traffic and online presence. Their blog is highly visible. On top of that, the blog has pertinent and beneficial contents that target practice supervisors. There are plenty calls-to-action in all their articles and blog posts.


From above it is evident that all the above healthcare businesses have an excellent content marketing strategy. On top of that, all of them have increased online presence. When it comes to ranking in search engines, Mayo Clinic and the others have a better ranking. For that reason, the healthcare businesses have enjoyed successful marketing campaigns.

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