For a long time, people have been looking for a perfect combination of skin care products that can give them excellent results. People have tried many combinations, and there is a big question that has been asked by many people. Can you combine niacinamide and vitamin C to get perfect results? This is the big question that needs to be answered. The answer to this question is yes. You can combine these products and get better results compared to using the products separately. Below is a detailed discussion that explains why vitamin c and niacinamide can be used together.

Research has proved that the products can be used together

In recent studies, it has proven that when vitamin C and niacinamide are combined and used at normal temperatures there can be no issues about nicotinic acid. Nicotinic acid is formed when niacinamide and vitamin c are combined at high temperatures and for a long time. This cannot apply in real life as the products are kept at room temperatures. On top of that when it comes to vitamin C, it should be stored in a low pH environment. On the other hand, niacinamide needs to be stored and formulated at a pH that is close to 7. The most feared product that can result from the combination of vitamin c and niacinamide is nicotinic acid, and it can’t be formed in normal home environments.

Benefits of combining vitamin c and niacinamide

When you apply one layer after the other of the products you will get perfect results. Also, you can go for products that have the two ingredients.  Many benefits come with the combination of the two skin care ingredients. When we looked at niacinamide vs vitamin c, we found that vitamin c is much better than vitamin b3. However, the combination of the two ingredients in one product or using the same products at the same time can give excellent results. Many products in the market have niacinamide as well as vitamin c serum for hyper pigmentationthat gives people healthy and good looking skins.

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When you use the two ingredients, you will have a skin with an even tone as well as texture. Vitamin c is essential in controlling melanin production, and it plays a significant role in dealing with acne marks, dark spots as well as wrinkles. On top of that, the combination will help the skin defend itself against UV as well as harsh environmental conditions. It is also evident that the products will help the skin remain hydrated at all times and signs of aging will be history on your skin if you use the combination of niacinamide and vitamin c to take care of your skin.


It is clear that vitamin c and niacinamide can be used together for you to get a skin tone of your dream. The winning combination will enable users to have a firm, elastic, hydrated and even tone skin. On top of that, the combination will help your skin to get rid of the lines as well as wrinkles that come as a result of aging.


This Article Originally posted on January 1, 2020 @ 8:45 am

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