How Long Does It Take for You to Notice Weight Loss?

Losing weight is not easy. You need to work hard and take healthy meals. If you combine workouts and dieting, you will lose weight faster than a person who just works out or dieting. However, the time it takes to notice weight loss varies from person to person. Depending on your body and weight, it can take weeks, months and even years to note that you have lost weight. Below is a detailed discussion that can help you understand how long it takes to notice that you have lost weight.

Factors that can affect how long you see weight loss results

Your starting size

If you are obese, it can take you a long time. If your weight is on the obese range, you can lose significant pounds, but still, no one notices. However, if you are out of that range on the body mass index, you can notice change fast. The most important thing is that when you are obese, you are likely to lose weight faster than other people in the fast few days of your weight loss program.

Diet type

When you adopt a diet plan that restricts more food intake, you are likely to lose weight faster. Most of these diet plant use foods that make you feel fuller for longer periods and that helps your body to utilize stored fats for energy. This will ensure that the weight loss results are noticeable even after weeks.

Workouts involved

Aerobics will help your body burn fats fast and boost your metabolism. Therefore, if you include aerobics and other more intense exercises, you are likely to notice results sooner. Some workouts are not that good for weight loss as they don’t activate your body to burn fats fast. If you make it a routine to exercise and eat healthy meals, you will see results in weeks.

How long to see weight loss results?

  • Week one

    when you exercise and take healthy meals for weight loss, you should feel good after a week. You can lose like 3 pounds though it depends on your starting weight. Unless you step on the scale, you will see no noticeable weight loss signs.

  • Week two

    during this week, your body is now adjusting to the new lifestyle of weight loss meals and exercises. You can notice some changes as your clothes feels loser. Exercises also become easier, and you like them.

  • Week three and four

    if you stick to your diet and workout routine, you can notice weight loss at this stage. You can feel much better, fell lighter and above all, you can try different clothing.

  • After week four

    during this stage, you feel like your life has changed and all you need is to continue with the weight loss program to accelerate your weight loss journey. Continue with the program until you meet your weight loss goals.

Final thoughts

Weight loss is not that simple as many people think. It may take a few weeks for some people to notice positive results. On the other hand, it may take months for others. All you need is to stick to your diet and work out plan, and you will see results within the shortest time possible.

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