There are a good number of plumbing contractors that will fix whatever plumbing problem or repairs you may need to fix. If you’re looking to fix plumbing repairs that would need great skills and expertise, then a plumbing contractor is best in this regard. One of such companies is Dallas Plumbing Company. This plumbing company offers their expertise and service for homes in and around Dallas. That said.

While you’ll need a qualified and professional plumbing service for some plumbing repairs, you could as well handle some things yourself. This article will focus on some of these DIY repairs you could very well manage to handle yourself. But remember, a plumbing company like the Dallas Plumbing Company  is the best if you’ll have to fix repairs that will require technicalities and professional expertise. So, let’s get down to the heart of the matter.

How to fix Common Plumbing Problems

How to Unblock Traps

Traps are one of the most common areas where blockages are likely to occur. While these blockages may prove stubborn to unclog at times, they are what you can easily repair on most occasions. So, how do you handle this? First off, you’ll usually need to dismantle the sink. From there, you can proceed with the unblocking process. A plumber’s snake will be very useful as well. You can use this to unclog several types of traps. Remember, you’ll need to dismantle the sink to remove the blockages.

Materials & tools you’ll need: You’ll normally need a bowl, replacement washers as well as a bucket. An old toothbrush will also be very useful for cleaning.

How to unblock traps: The first process is to undo the sink trap. You’ll then need to place the bowl underneath it in case there is any water that may be present. The bowl will catch this and help to reduce the mess that this water might be likely to cause.

After the step above, you can then remove the debris. You’ll need to get some clean water in the bucket. This is also where the toothbrush comes into use.

Wash the trap properly in this clean water using the old toothbrush. Then, you can then replace the trap.

It is advisable to replace worn-out washers when the trap is disassembled. This will help to prevent possibilities of leaking in the future.


How to Unclog the Sink Drain

You may have been tired of seeing those clogs in the bathroom sinks. These clogs are usually found hanging around the pop-up assembly of the drain and may seem disgusting and dirty at times. So, how do you get rid of this?

All you’ll need to do is follow three simple steps.

First, you’ll remove the spring tab from the drain plug adjustment arm.

After you’ve done this, you will then have to remove the ball valve, disconnected from the sink trap.

Lastly, you’ll then remove the pop-up plug. You can then remove the debris that clogged the sink.


You can see how easy it is to fix these things by yourself. It is not everything that will require the attention of a plumbing company. But wait, you’ll need the professional service of a plumber if you can’t comfortably handle some plumbing repairs. Remember that plumbing companies are in service to ensure that all runs smoothly when it concerns your home’s plumbing system.

Even though you can handle some of the little fixes easily, a professional plumbing service from a company like the Dallas Plumbing Company is your best bet for the best in plumbing repairs as well as installation.

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