Every seasoned electrical contractor or electronic component-based business will understand how strenuous it can be to get electronic components for their projects.

So, in view of this, here’s to making your online purchase of electronic components as easy as it can be. The companies listed below are the top 10 electronic components distributors online. Let’s start from the top to the last.

1. Allchips

allchips ai


Who else could have topped our list? Allchips offers you a catalog of over 20,000,000 high-quality SKU from over 1000 original factories and authorized first agents. The company goes further to simplify your online experience with their use of an intelligent BOM System. The Allchips BOM 2.0 is capable of handling BOM risk controls and reminders. The BOM System is also able to achieve BOM diagnosis and optimization. All of these are done incredibly under an hour. The BOM system also handles multichannel fast delivery. When it comes to the online service of electronic components, Allchips leads and the rest follows.


2. Digikey


Digikey is another online distributor that can guarantee your electronic component supply. Digikey also offers you a large catalog of SKU. The only problem you may have is the small print with which the website is designed. There are also no part photos, except for line drawings. You’ll need to look around very well to get what you want, but overall, Digikey is also one of the best.


3. Mouser


Mouser is another distributor with a large catalog. The parts are labeled to make purchasing easy. The website is configured to allow you complete separate orders for different projects. You could also come back to complete your order as many times as you like.


4. Verical


Verical has over 2,500,000 SKU from over 800 factories and authorized agents. Getting the components of your choice within this catalog will not pose much of a problem. The company offers online ordering services from where you can easily place your order.

5. Element14


Element14 offers you electronic components from over 500 manufacturers. The company offers no minimum order placement and some certain products order could be dispatched same day you placed your order. Element14 is a global component distributor and has a reach covering Europe, Asia, Americas and across Africa.

6. TTI


TTI has one of the fastest growing catalogs globally. The company is focused on providing small and quality components to buyers, hobbyists, and design engineers. TTI has facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe.

7. Future Electronics

Future Electronics

Future Electronics is based in Montreal, Canada. The company provides online ordering, inventory replenishment the management of supply chain. The company also has an inventory system integrated into its website to supply real-time inventory and other necessary information.

8. Arrow

 Arrow electronic component distribution company

Arrow is based in New York and has a distribution network reaching over 50 countries. The company has a large customer base and has an integrated BOM uploading and tracking system for convenient online purchase. Arrow is a great online electronic component distribution company and rounds off our top 10 electronic components distributors online list.


9. Electrocomponents


This distributor is based in Oxford UK. The company supplies buyers several components through its online portal. The company, however, operates in over 25 countries under different names.



10. Jameco


Jameco is another platform through which you can order for your electronic components online. The company’s website has a search feature that allows you to easily search and find what you want. Even though the catalog is not as voluminous like that of companies like Allchips and Digikey, it is still a nice way to order for components for your weekend project.


Up there are the top 10 electronic components distributors online. Although each of these companies will guarantee ease and comfort while purchasing online, Allchips is still our recommended choice. The reason is clear. Allchips has the largest catalog. This catalog is filled with only high-quality components. And with this current scarcity and surge in the demand for components, Allchips has been able to maintain supply to its clientele base. When you add all of these to the smart BOM System, you’ll realize why this company tops our list. Whatever company you choose among those who made our list though, you’ll still get a very good service.

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