How to Avoid Buying Fake Electronic Components?

It is essential before buying electronic components online you make sure they are original. There are many platforms where fake electronic parts are sold. It is hard to determine if a product is original or fake. But with a reliable and trusted platform like Allchips, the problem of buying fake electronic components has come to an end. We are the website where people are searching for electronic components online using their part numbers or keywords. We have vast information about electronic components. All our products are original, and we have some tips on how you can avoid buying fake electronic components online. Below is a discussion of how you can avoid buying counterfeit electronic components.

Check the part No. and manufacturer details

Electronic components come with part numbers and keywords. They also come with trademarks and names of their manufactures. There are other details such as date codes. These details must be checked. When you check the part number, it should be very clear. In case you find that it is not clear you should fear that the part may be fake. When it comes to trademarks, they should also be clear and have a clear name of the manufacturer.

Search online

Allchips has come to give buyers of electronic components online an opportunity to search the product they are looking for, view it and then make a purchase. Our website has over 10 million products data which makes searching smooth and timely. Our site has only original products from authorized dealers and manufacturers. You just need to use our site to search the electronic components you need.

Make price comparison

Original products come with almost the same prices. Fake products come with prices that are much lower compared to original products’ prices. This is to ensure that they attract more clients. It is also evident that they use low-quality materials which doesn’t cost them much. That is why their prices are much lower. Therefore, when you are searching for an electronic component online, make sure you do a price comparison. When you realize that a product comes with a much lower price, know that there are high chances of it being fake.

Are the manufacturers and agents legit?

When buying electronic components online, you should know who you are dealing with. Many platforms are selling fake components while others receive payments but don’t deliver the electronic components. You should confirm whether the agent or manufacturer you are dealing with is legit by visiting their websites and reading their reviews. A good manufacturer should also send you their accreditations via the email. You should also ask people who have transacted with the manufacturer or the agent.


Buying fake electronic components online come with a cost. These products break down after some time and don’t function efficiently as original products. It is essential to visit reputable websites where you can search, make price comparison and make a purchase of electronic components.  We have partnered with over 1000 original manufacturers and authorized agents of electronic components. Therefore, don’t buy fake electronic components again, visit Allchips website today and you will get only original products.

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