A good population around the world likes bike riding. It is a good exercise that encourages strong muscle development and good health. However, you need to buy a classic bike for you to enjoy all the benefits that come with bike riding.  A good bike should be comfortable, easy to ride and more importantly safe. Electric bikes are better that manual bikes as they are powerful and give you a better riding experience. Moto Parilla is top dealer of electric bikes and has proved to be a leader in the electric bike industry. Below is a detailed discussion of why Moto Parilla Carbon E-Bikes are the best on the market in Dubai and the Middle East

Highly comfortable and safe

When buying an electric bike, you should consider how comfortable a model is. This will ensure that you buy a comfortable bike that will give you a comfortable ride. On top of that, you should consider safety. You should buy a bike with safety features. Carbon SUV E-Bikes are more comfortable as they are lightweight, easy to handle and above all come with classic suspensions. They also have fat tires that make riding a good experience. When it comes to safety, thesebikes come with classic brakes. You can stop instantly anywhere any place when riding Carbon e-bikes.

Strong frame made of carbon and aluminum

A good bicycle should have a strong frame. Strong frames make riding comfortable. On top of that, with a highly durable frame, your bike will last long. For that reason, Moto Parilla has made top bikes with strong frames making them lightweight, durable, resistant and above that, agile. The frames are made of carbon and aluminum.

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Highly powerful

Most electric bikes produce power of less than 250W. This means that they cannot ride at a high speed and be able to handle rough terrains and hill climbing. As a result Carbon SUV bikes comes with high power of over 250W to 1000W. This makes sure that they give high performance meaning they can to ride on rough terrains and climb hills comfortably. The high power makes the bike easy to handle.

Several models

Moto Parilla brings you three classic electric bikes; Carbon Club, Carbon VIP and Carbon 1000. All these bikes have the above features and are suitable for city roads as well as off-road riding. All of them have instant brakes and high quality suspensions for maximum comfort. The Carbon Club model has two versions of 250W and 500W. They are slightly heavier that the two other models but produce a speed of 25km/h-250W and 32km/h-500W. Carbon 1000 is the best of all in terms of power, comfort and handling. The model can produce a speed of 45km/h which makes it a must have for bike lovers.


From above it is evident that Moto Parilla Carbon SUV E-Bikes are comfortable, easy to handle and powerful. On top of that, they are safe and highly durable. Furthermore, they are affordable and will give you a new riding experience whether on city roads or desert terrain.

This Article Originally posted on December 17, 2019 @ 6:34 am

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