A cuckoo clock will add a touch of class and elegance to anywhere it is displayed. These beautiful cuckoo clocks are completely handcrafted by the most skilled of craftsmen in the Black Forest region of Germany. The first cuckoo clocks were also believed to have originated from this region but today, after centuries upon centuries, the timeless timepieces are still in production and are cherished by collectors all over the world.

While you are in a rush to buy a cuckoo clock for the beauty and charm of it, you should nevertheless consider some things. These are those things you should iron out so you can get the best out of the times your cuckoo clock will keep for you. What are those things? Let’s get straight down to the matter.


Will you want a manual or battery-powered clock?

Cuckoo clocks are normally designed as manual clocks. These manual clocks will need you to regularly wind them once in a day or eight days in some. Some cuckoo clocks are also battery-powered. This though is a slight deviation from what a cuckoo clock is intended to be. Battery-powered clocks do not come with seals of originality from the VdS, the association charged with the preservation of the cuckoo clock legacy.

Cuckoo Clock Hunting Clock with Sitting Animals by Hönes - Cuckoo Clock Meister

What about the winding frequency?

Manual cuckoo clocks need winding at least once in a day and for some, its once in eight days. It is left to you to decide which of these you’d be comfortable with before making your purchase.


What about the cuckoo bird’s sound?

Cuckoo clocks mimic the movement and sound of cuckoo birds. The pitch and sound of various clocks differ. The size of the bellows is a factor that will determine how loud and deep the sound pitch will be. Some cuckoo clocks do not make sounds at all. These are mostly those with two pendulums.  There are also those clocks that have features such as a nighttime shut-off. This feature gives you the ability to shut off the sound so it does not interfere with your sleep and other night activities.

If you find you’re interested in any of these features, be sure to look out for it in the cuckoo clock you’re planning to buy. This is so you get the perfect experience which your cuckoo clock was made to provide.


How about the Aesthetics too?

This should also be considered. It will be fine if the cuckoo clock can blend in with the environment you intend to display it. This will add more to the beauty and elegance of this timeless treasure. You should try as much to make sure the color of the clock is one that will complement the color of its environment. If you’re displaying it in a living room perhaps, you may buy a clock with the same color as that of the living room.


Do you want an original cuckoo clock? Who likes a fake anyway?

Do not fall victim to a fake or replica product. Patronize only reputable retailers of cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo Meister is one of such retailers. They sell only clocks crafted and produced entirely in the Black Forest region of Germany. Cuckoo Meister ships clock freely throughout the US and you do not get charged for sales tax. All clocks bought from this retailer come with certificates of authenticity and the VdS seal of originality. You can contact the company through its website online to make your purchase or inquiry about the original cuckoo clock. They offer one of the best customer services and are available all through the day.

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