Mods that cannot miss in your Minecraft

Thanks to the person who has invented the concept of mods for the game because by installing the mod in your game, you cannot only enhance the quality of your game but bring new functions which make the game more interesting to play. Like other games, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of Mods available for world popular game called Minecraft. They are available in both options the paid and free. Some of them are in their beta version while other is working perfectly without giving any error to the users.

Due to a number of choices, it could be difficult to decide that which mod of Minecraft is best in terms of benefits which you will get after you install the mod and which mod you must avoid. I am playing Minecraft since 2 years. I have tried dozens of different mods and come up with a static list of the mod which as a player everyone must have in their Minecraft. Whether you are an advanced level Minecraft player or a player who has recently started playing Minecraft, you must download and Install the following Mods in your Minecraft to make your game more interesting.


I am not sure that how can someone forget to install this basic but advance features mod in their Minecraft. Getting yourself informed about the craft which you own in Minecraft is very important. This mod “CraftGuide” will make it possible for you. This feature is one of the most demanding features which Minecraft has not yet added in their official game. By knowing about your craft details, you can play the game in a much better way. It will also save your time because you don’t need to pass the game and fine online recopies.

Animal Bikes

Playing Minecraft fast could be the dream of many. This mod which is called Animal Bikes can make this possible for you. Once you install the mod in your game, you will get the option to ride on different animals. You can cover the long journey in short time. It will help you to explore the whole map in much better and fast way. You can choose many animals including dragon, lion, pig and much more. The ride of animal will depend on the animals. For example, the dragon ride will allow you to fly.

Still Hungry

It is very hard to stay alive in Minecraft game without eating the excess amount of food. For food, you may need to wait for hours and even days. But this mod will ease you from this problem by adding a different type of new food in your game which will allow you to stay alive. Instead of adding the default Minecraft food, you will able to enjoy food like burgers, pizza, and pancakes etc.


I am not sure that how does Minecraft forget to add the feature of showing the complete map of the game. It is very hard to know that where your enemies are and how long you need to walk to explore the map. With the help of this mod “Journeymap” you can enjoy these features. You sneak the mod and know that at which part of the map you are standing at the moment. This will help you in better planning and manage your craft and other things to win the game.


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