Dubai Net Solutions; Place to get Exceptional Email Hosting Services in Dubai

With the coming of the internet, doing business has been simplified. You can get in touch with your customers via email, social media platforms and well optimized sites. On top of that, managers and chief operator of a business are able to communicate with their co-workers via the same platforms. Emailing is a key method of communication that many businesses are using. Having an email hosting server is considered an expensive thing as it involves email servers, personnel and several software applications. For that reason, businesses as well as individuals are going for email hosting services as they as cost-effective, secure and effective in managing your email service.

What are the benefits of email hosting?

An email hosting service provider makes sure that your emailing services are taken care of. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about your emails and this will ensure that you focus on other things that can take your business to a new level. On top of that, getting an email hosting service provider makes sure that no unauthorized parties access your messages as well as content stored on the servers. Furthermore, paying for a hosting service provider makes sure that you have adequate storage space to store critical messages.  More so, these services come with robust spam and virus filtering features. This makes sure that no virus/spam emails get to your inbox.

Why is Dubai Net Solutions a good provider of email hosting services?

Good affordable email hosting plans

Dubai Net Solutions has proved to be the best email hosting company in Dubai and the whole of Middle East. The company offers great plans that are suitable for individual as well as big companies. Most of the plans are paid per month and you will definitely get a plan that suits your budges as well as email service needs. We have Email 25, Email 50, Email 100 and Unlimited plans. The prices range from AED 175 to AED 437 per month.

Secure and robust antivirus

Dubai Net Solutions provides exceptional email hosting solutions that include IMAP, POP3, SMTP and Webmail. With our system, your emails and critical messages are secure and no party can access them without your approval. On top of that, we make sure that you don’t get virus or spam emails. This keeps your email service reliable and free of common problems caused by virus and spam emails.

We can customize your email

It is highly essential to match your email address with your domain name. We can customize your email and make it carry your domain name. This makes communication as well as marketing easy as your email address will carry the domain name of your site/business. With our services, we will sync all your emails across your devices such as PC, Webmail, tablet and even digital mobile phone.


From above it is evident that Dubai Net Solutions is a reliable email hosting service provider in Dubai and the Middle East. The company has the right team of experts, powerful tools and software to get the job done. With our email hosting services, you cannot worry about email services anymore; just focus on other essential things to grow your business.

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