Top Ways to Take Care of Your Rattan Dining Sets

Indeed your furniture plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look of your place. From sofa sets to your dining table, every single gear has a major influence on your living space. And while it is essential to be careful when selecting the most appropriate yet budget-friendly furniture for your home, it is equally important to look after your fixtures specifically the dining table to maintain its sparkle. Despite the kind of dining sets you have installed in your home, these large and trendy tables prove to be the best possible addition to your dining space, aren’t they? As dining sets tend to offer a plethora of benefits, every second family would want to keep these tables updated with time.

But regardless of how luxurious your dining tables are, your guest would not even prefer having their dinner/lunch in these tables unless they look clean and are well-maintained. Not only does cleanliness of your wooden furniture boosts the visual appeal of your property but it also results in the increased lifespan of the same. So do you wish to have a neat and durable dining set? Welcome! we’ve come up with some classy yet easy-to-do tips to help you keep up your wooden furniture. Here we go:

  • Preserve your dining table from the harmful effects of temperature and humidity

In the recent era, most of the people opt for installing wooden dining sets as they are inexpensive and much easier to maintain. Whether you’ve recently updated the wooden tables as a new addition to your dining room or you’ve been using it since years, you must know that any type of wooden object reacts to consistently changing environmental state. In simple terms, alteration in the climate and humidity would largely influence wooden gears. Now as it’s not possible to control the temperature and weather outside, the best step you can take is to shift your dining table to a stable environment.

While a rise in humidity and temperature may puff out the wooden tables, a fall in the temperature would cause it to contract. That being said, you should aim to relocate your dining set to a spot with constant temperature i.e. neither too hot nor breezing. Studies suggest that 40-45% of the humidity level is an ideal environment for your wooden furniture to stay stable.

  • Do regular Dusting

One of the best techniques to maintain the tidiness of your dining table is regular dusting. And, that’s easy as well. After all, you just need to mop it and rotate the tablecloth repeatedly to prevent dust and that’s it! you will end up having a clean and a 100% contaminant-free dining table. Note that tight rubbing could lead to unwanted scratches so dust it gently.

  • Don’t allow sun exposure to ruin your dining table

Though glass-top, marble, and other dining sets won’t get affected with sun exposure, the hazardous UV rays can either lighten or darken the manifestation of a wooden table. Now as avoiding the direct sun rays to come in contact with your luxurious dining table isn’t possible, there are still certain preventive measures you can take to preserve your furniture from sun exposure. Wondering how? It’s simple! Do not put any accessories on your dining table for few initial days or even if you’re doing so, swap the position of items every once in a while to not allow enough time to the UV rays to bleach your table.

  • Preserve your table from common damages

Cleaning it on a regular basis is not sufficient to keep up the shine of your dining table. Instead, you should aim to follow preventive approach coupled with dusting. For instance, don’t place hot dishes straight onto the top surface of the table instead put a mat over it and then keep down your hot plates. This would ensure you a safety from unnecessary burn stains. The same concept applies to drinks especially red wine and other cuisines that could leave a dark mark on your table’s surface.

  • Never clean your wooden dining table with cleansers containing silicone

Since silicone is an artificial matter which easily gets immersed into the wood grain, it leads to an upsurge on the top surface of your wooden table, leaving it with a plastic-like polish and turning it gluey to touch. Make sure that whichever spray or cleanser you apply upon your wooden furniture, it must not contain silicone.

Keeping your furniture in a neat state would enhance the appearance of your outdoor dining table purchased from So what are you waiting for? If you have not yet taken essential steps to clean your wooden furniture, don’t wait for the right time. Start it off today, impress your guests, and avail long-term benefits of your sparkling and beautiful dining sets.

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