Are you searching for a company that provides top quality aircon services in your area in Singapore? If yes, DW Aircon is the company you are looking for. We are a company that has over ten years’ experience in providing quality aircon services ranging from aircon repair to installations services. We have proved to the best company for air conditioning services that make your home or office the best place to be. Below is a brief discussion of all you need to know about DW Aircon Servicing Singapore including aircon repair Singapore services.

Top quality airconsystem installations

When you complete building a home or you just bought a new home without an air conditioning system, you need to install one. We are a reliable company that comes with highly durable and effective air conditioners. We have top class brands such as Fujitsu and Panasonic that serve you well and for a longer time. DW Aircon has a team of experts that install the equipment well to ensure that your home or office has the best air conditions 24/7.

Exceptional aircon repair services

At one point or the other, your air conditioning system may break down due to various reasons. The system may also not perform as expected due to some technical problems that can be addressed by air condition experts. We have the right team to offer exceptional repair services that will help your air conditioning system function as expected and even better. If you realize that your system is not performing well, you need to contact DW Aircon, and we will arrive at your place within no time to repair your system. On top of our repair services, we offer aircon replacement services. We assess your system, and if it needs a replacement, we install it for you at a friendly price.

Why choose us for aircon repair Singapore?

DW Aircon Servicing Singapore has proved to be the most trusted and reliable aircon service provider in Singapore. We have licensed and highly trained technicians ready for work any time any day. On top of that, we offer excellent customer care services to our clients. We respond to all our clients’ messages and calls. After that, we follow up all the cases by sending our experts to your place to work. On top of that, we use high-quality equipment in our work to ensure we deliver top quality services to our customers. Furthermore, we are the go-to company for a wide range of air conditioning services ranging from aircon repair to aircon cleaning.


DW Aircon has proved to be the best company in Singapore for aircon repair and more services involving air conditioning systems for commercial and residential clients. We install high-quality air conditioning systems that serve our clients more effectively and for a longer time compared to our competitors. All our services are highly affordable. Don’t be left behind, contact DW Aircon for air conditioning services and you will not be disappointed.

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