The Advantages of the ETIAS Visa Waiver When It Comes to Effect January 2021

Schengen area is rich when it comes to tourist attractions. On top of that,the area is doing well in business and attract many people from different parts of the world. Also, there are many conventions, exhibitions, and seminars that attract many people from different parts of the world. If you are a citizen of a country, not a member of the Schengen area, you will need to have a Schengen visato visit the zone. Come January 2021; things will be very easy. If your country is ETIAS eligible, you will be able to travel visa-free thanks to the ETIAS travel visa waiver. Below is a detailed discussion of the advantages of this visa waiver.

  • Online application

At times you may need to travel within a short period. You may not have enough time to wait for visa application and approval. For that reason, with this visa waiver, you can travel after your online application is approved. To get the waiver, you need to get online, fill the ETIAS application form, and submit. The approval time is fast as it can take minutes to a maximum of four days.

On the other hand, when you apply for a Schengen visa, so many things are involved. The process is partly online, but you need to attend an interview before approval at the embassy. This can take more time than the online application for ETIAS waiver. It can take up to 14 days, which is not good if you need to travel urgently.

  • Few requirements

For you to apply, you only need to be a citizen of ETIAS eligible country. For your ETIAS to go through, you will be required to have a passport. The passport must be valid. You will need the details of the passport to fill the application form. This makes the process super-fast and simple. This is not the case of getting a visa. For you to get a visa, you need many documents such as travel insurance, a cover letter explaining the purpose of your trip, itinerary, proof of paid visa fees, among others.

  • Covers several travel purposes

For you to travel to the Schengen area, you need to have a purpose. For that reason, this ETIAS visa will cover tourism and business trips. You know that there are many tourist sites in the area. For that reason, you can use the waiver and visit those sites. You can also use the visa waiver to travel to Europe to do business. The travel period must be 90 days or less. The only problem is that you can’t use it to stay for more than 90 days.


The ETIAS visa waiver application is very simple. You only need to have a valid passport for you to apply for this waiver. The application process is 100% online, and that makes things easier, not like getting a Schengen visa. With ETIAS approval, you will not think of getting a visa to visit Schengen area for a short period not exceeding 90 days.

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