The fashion industry has many investors as well as many brands specializing in a wide range of products. Victoria’s Secret is one of the top brands specializing in pajamas, skincare and accessories, swimwear, and even underwear. The brand has been working hard to promote their products. They have billboards, ads, and even TV shows but this year the show wouldn’t be televised due to some issues. On the other hand, Jeffrey Epstein was a wealthy businessman who died in August 2019. He claimed that he was a modeling scout for this lingerie retailer. Scott Cooper Miami has investigated the connection between this financier and the brand, and here are the details.

Is it true that Jeffrey was a modeling scout for this brand?

According to Scott Cooper Miami, Jeffrey has never been a modeling scout for this lingerie retailer. But he had a connection of getting young and beautiful ladies working for the brand. It seems that the brand not only specializes in selling top products but offered young sexy girls to rich men like Epstein. In return, the brand got financial support from the rich businessmen.  It is on the records that beautiful young girls always visited Jeff’s apartment. It is believed that these girls are from Victoria’s Secret or wanting to join the brand. A lady who worked at Jeffrey’s home said that the ladies came for auditions to be models for the top lingerie brand. On top of that, the lady said that these girls came to see Jeff in school uniforms.

Jeffrey’s Epstein didn’t have a good track record when it comes to relationships with models. Alicia Arden; a top model and actress, explained that in 1997, Jeffrey lured her in a Santa Monica hotel and assaulted her. Jeffrey never responded to these claims, and no action has been taken to get justice for the model.  Wexner; a top official at the brand took no action when the model reported this incident to him. On top of that, Wexner and Epstein’s relationship became stronger even to the extent of Wexner, allowing Epstein to take possession of his mansion on Manhattan.

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Images portrayed by Victoria’s secret

On its billboards and ads, Victoria’s Secret shows malnourished women in bras and underwear. This means that it portrays a bad image of women like instruments to be used by men for pleasure. To worsen things, the brand is believed to have worked with a company that is involved in girls trafficking. For that reason, the company didn’t bother to assist the model who claimed Epstein assaulted her. According to Scoot Cooper Miami, the company has been silent also when Jeffrey claimed to be their model recruiter knowing very well he was either trafficking or assaulting the girls eying to work for the brand.

Final words

Jeffrey Epstein had a strong connection with Victoria’s Secret. For a long time, he claimed that he is a modeling scout for the brand. That is why many young girls visited his home more often for auditions. According to Scoot Cooper Miami, Jeffrey Epstein, together with the lingerie brand, have been involved in girls and sex trafficking.

This Article Originally posted on January 3, 2020 @ 7:30 pm

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