There are many action movies with varied teachings. Movies related to the drug trade are entertaining and will help you learn a lot of things. Scarface is one of the films about drug dealing. The main actor in this movie is Tony Montana; a punk from Cuba. When he came to America, things were not easy, and he had to look for a job that can help him live a quality life. He tried several and ended up in the cocaine business. He was lucky that people were willing to buy the drug, and that helped him enjoy a stylish lifestyle. Scott Cooper Miami shares are a review of this exciting movie.

Why did Montana move to America?

When refugees from Cuba were allowed to move to America, that is the time Montana moved to the USA in 1981. At this time. Fidel Castro allowed US criminals, as well as some of the criminals from his country, move to the US. Montana was able to get his way through the US federal agents. After settling in the US, he had to start low and look for a job.

Options Montana had to make a living

Montana knew that he must work hard to make a living. Of course, he can work hard and started to work as a dishwasher. The wages were very low, and he had to wash dishes for an extended period to realize his ambitions and dreams. He always wanted to live in his mansion with sexy girls. So he knew that he had to look for another option to make a living to live a quality life. There was an option of joining an illegal businessdealing drugs. He thought it was better an option to get rich than to wash dishes all of his life.

Gets into South Florida illegal drug trade

Drug trade offers a lifestyle where you can live in a mansion, have desired sexual partners, and even have servants. However, the time you can enjoy this is limited. Montana gets it all through the trade, but after a short period, he loses it all. The most exciting thing about this movie is that Montana enjoyed the lifestyle for a very short period. It wasn’t easy, but who cares! On one night, he inhales excess cocaine, and that was the beginning of his downfall.

Enjoyed quality life for a short period

It is always advisable to enjoy what you have because you don’t know how long it can last. This is what Montana did; enjoying life knowing very well that the business was to fall one day. While enjoying life, he complicated his life by abusing cocaine. Scott Cooper Miami explains that the movie is one of a kind and can be ranked as one of the best 1980s movies.

Final thoughts

Scarface (1983) is an exciting movie that involves Montana, who starts as a dishwasher and later became a top dealer of drugs in South Florida. The main actor gets it all but enjoyed it for a short period. It is better to work hard than to do illegal businesses that can land you in jail when things get bad.

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