Savage Affiliates; All You Need to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Franklin Hatchett is a top online marketer who works hard to come up with online courses that help many people around the world to make money online. On top of sharing an online course on dropshipping, he has come with an affiliate marketing course; Savage Affiliates. This online course is all you need to become a top earning affiliate marketer. The online course comes with 9 modules. Below is a brief review of the modules.

Affiliate Introduction

This is the first module of the course. In this module, you will learn many things about affiliate marketing including what it is, expected results and how you can become successful. The module is a good base for all the other modules, and will definitely give information needed in affiliate marketing.

Niches and Products

For you to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to select the right niche and products. Not every product you will find on the market good for you. This module has the information you need to choose the right niche and products.

Building Your Assets

You need a good website to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign. On top of that, you need other tools such as bogs, social media platforms, web pages among others for your promotions. This module will teach you how to create a good website, install plugins, create good web pages, how to use social media platforms among other things to get more customers.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank is a top site for affiliate marketing. The site is free to sign up. However, you need to be very smart to utilize the site to make money. This module will educate you on how to select the right product to promote, teach you about tax issues and other related items that will help you become a top affiliate marketer.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

We all know that Amazon is one of the top ecommerce sites. For that reason, people who want to become top affiliate marketers should use it to make money. This Savage Affiliates module will teach you on how to develop an Amazon affiliate marketing site where you can promote various products.

SEO Traffic

Your website needs to have the right traffic for you to get more customers. This module has high quality videos that will teach you everything you require to increase your website ranking as well as traffic on your site.

Paid Traffic Training

SEO takes time for you to see results. If you are not patient enough, you can learn how you can use paid traffic to increase the traffic on your website on this module. These includes google ads, solo ads, PPCs among others. You will also learn about keyword targeting, audience selection, keyword tracking and a lot more.

Free TrafficTraining

In this module you will learn how to use top quality videos to increase traffic on your website. Here you learn how to use YouTube and other forums where you can find ideal customers of what you are promoting.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential in affiliate marketing. This module will help you capture quality leads in the right time. On top of that, Hatchett discusses the topic with a focus on 2 auto-responders he uses. This ensures that you get more customers for the products.


Savage Affiliates is a top online learning programyour need if you want to become a top affiliate marketer. The course costs only $197 and you will get a bonus funnel training. The course will allow you make more money through affiliate marketing.

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