Learn About History of Adjustable Beds and Their Benefits

How much do you know about adjustable beds? A few people know much information about adjustable beds. This is because adjustable beds are much associated with elderly as well as people with mobility challenges. These beds have become popular in today’s homes. Many families prefer these beds as they are highly comfortable and come with many health benefits.  The beds were first introduced in hospitals patients who had back pains and had challenges in getting on and off the bed. Below is a detailed discussion about the history of adjustable beds and some health benefits of the beds.

How do adjustable beds work?

It is essential to learn how these beds work before focusing on their history as well as their benefits. The beds are made in such a way that the upper body is elevated. The elevation depends on the brand of the bed, but most of the beds use buttons in adjustment. The elevation makes it easier for a person to get on and off the bed.

History of adjustable beds

For decades, adjustable beds were only used in hospitals and nursing homes. They were meant for patients with back problems with challenges of getting off and on the bed. Over the years, several companies have come up with more quality adjustable beds that are used in homes. Craftmatic is one of the companies that introduced first residential adjustable beds in the market. The company targeted old residents. The beds were a hit as many older adults bought the beds as they were easy to adjust and offered quality comfort.

After the success of Craftmatic, many adjustable bed manufacturers came up after the millennium. The market required more sophisticated beds that were easy to operate. This is what most of these companies offered. On top of that, many manufacturers can come up with beds that adopt Trendelenburg position as well as the glideaway elevation. Some of these companies include Reverie, Ergomation, Serta, Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number. The companies are now leading in the industry in the manufacture of amazing adjustable beds such as Sleep Number 360, Reverie 9T, Craftmatic Legacy and many others that are doing well in the market.

Some health benefits of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds come with many health benefits. They help in pain reduction for patients with back pains. The beds provide proper support for the spinal cord mostly when the bed is inclined at 45 degrees. Patients suffering from acidity are advised to use this bed as the acids are retained in the stomach when the bed is inclined. Adjustable beds are also suitable for patients with arthritis, asthma and those with snoring problems. On top of that, an adjustable bed is important when it comes to comfortable sleep, and one can read comfortably or watch television while on the bed.


From above it is evident that adjustable beds are not meant for hospitals only. Many people have bought the beds and are enjoying their health benefits. Today the adjustable beds are of high quality and easy to operate compared to those manufactured in the 1980s.

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