Patio furniture provides an extraordinary makeover to the garden, enough to make the outdoor experience worthwhile. Outdoor furniture should be durable to last long and therefore, the constituent materials must be selected wisely before buying garden furniture. Buy the best pieces.

The materials must be resistant to almost all the weather condition. Even if the rattan garden furniture is kept beneath the shade, it is still exposed to wind and moisture of the environment. The garden furniture should retain their structural integrity and appearance in a variety of weather conditions, even years after usage.

Before deciding the garden furniture, it is important to critically analyze the strength and weakness of different materials available for garden furniture. The materials such as wood, teak, plastic, resin, aluminum, and steel are some of the common options for garden furniture, which has their set of pros and cons and should be evaluated before investing in costly garden furniture. The properties of different materials for garden furniture are:


Wood is the oldest material used for making furniture. The garden furniture even looks sophisticated with wood. However, wood is not resistant to moisture. It has almost null resistance to rust and corrosion as well if paired with iron fittings. The wood furniture is sturdy and heavy. It is very difficult to fold them or rearrange them during harsh weather. Many softwoods like cedar and pine are used widely for indoor furnishing. However, they are not suitable for outdoor furnishing. Hardwoods are suitable for outdoor use and last longer if maintained properly.

Teak is the most commonly used hardwood used for outdoor furnishing. It is coated with protective agents to provide protection against weather conditions. It is the strongest species of wood and does not crack even years of usage. It has high oil content, which makes it resistant to insects. Teak can be used to make sophisticated outdoor lounge and dining furniture. However, teak is very costly for outdoor furnishing.

Shorea is another kind of wood used for garden furnishing. It is found in the Southeast Asian region. The exposure to heat and sunlight improves the strength and appearance. It is flexible and can be made into different types of furniture. If it is not oiled properly, it can last up to fifty years, that makes this wood extremely durable. It is less costly than teak and eco-friendly in nature. However, it has less commercial usage and lacks popularity.


Metals are the most strong material used for among garden furniture. It has flexibility along with strength and can be fabricated for materializing into different intricate designs. Metal can be used in combination with other elements for outdoor furnishing, that provides another level of aesthetic appeal to outdoor experience.

However, metal has some disadvantages. It gets heated up in the sun and makes it uncomfortable to touch. The metals are also prone to rust and corrosion when not maintained properly. Certain metal furniture is very heavy and hard to rearrange.

Stainless steel is a metal that is made strong and durable with mixing with other metals and forming an alloy. It has high density and is not brittle at all. It is resistant to rust and corrosion and coated with certain powder for extra resistance. The sleek metallic finish gives the furniture a sleek and chic look.

Cast Aluminum is another metal widely used for garden furnishing. It is lightweight and can be fabricated into intricate shapes. Aluminum is low cost and does not require special maintenance. Aluminum furniture is also powder coated as a barrier to protect it from environmental conditions. The cast aluminum furniture is easy to rearrange and therefore requires less storage space.

Wrought iron is an alloy of other materials mixed with iron. The special quality possessed by wrought iron furniture is that they have high resistance to rust and corrosion. It is not that lightweight which can be easily blown by the wind. However, they are easy to store and clean. They can withstand almost all-weather condition and is an excellent alternative for other garden furnishing materials.


Plastics or acrylics are man-made synthetic materials and sometimes derived from nature as a form of resin. They are easily cast into a variety of shapes for garden furnishing. Plastics are durable and require very low maintenance and care. They are low cost and are widely available for commercial usage.

Plastics are popularly used for indoor and outdoor furnishing. However, only one disadvantage they have is that they are not easily degraded by the environment and are henceforth not an eco-friendly alternative. They do not require any powder coating or varnishing and can last for years. They are resistant to all weather conditions and can be easily used as furniture.

The shopping of outdoor furniture is very challenging as there are many materials that are available in the market. One should keep in mind the purpose and appearance of the area for which garden furniture is needed. The budget and lifestyle play a major role along with the materials in determining the exact garden furniture suitable accordingly.

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