We all have gardens in our homes. The gardens can be of flowers, vegetables and even crops such as beans. The most important thing is to ensure that the garden has all the nutrients and is free of weeds. During land preparation, you need to make sure that the soil is tilled in the right way to ensure that planted crops grow well. To ensure clean work during land preparation and weeding, it is important to have a hand tiller. Hand tillers are easy to use and leave the soil in good shape for crop germination and growth. Below is a detailed discussion of hand tillers buying guide.

Consider the number of tines

Hand tillers are a perfect choice when it comes to land preparation of land. They are essential in breaking hard soil clods and even pads. For that reason, if you want to prepare your land for any crop in the right way, you need to pick a hand tiller with the right number of tines and claws. A good hand tiller should have three or four tines. Also, consider the size of tines to know how deep they can penetrate the soil. This will ensure that you break the soil compactions with ease. On top of that, a hand tiller is used for leveling, and one with four tines is a good choice.

Consider size and ease of use

You want to buy a hand tiller that is easy to use. For that reason, you need to consider the size of the tiller to ensure that you can work with it easily. On the market, you will find hand tillers with varying sizes. All you need to do is to pick the one that suits your height. This will ensure that you buy one that you can use comfortably in your garden.

Buy one that you can use for a wide range of functions in the garden

Mostly, hand tillers are used for tilling the land. It is important to note that you can buy a hand tiller that you can use for leveling, weeding, raking, among others. The most important thing is that hand tillers leave your soil in the right shape for root growth. These tillers completely damage the weeds and can even incorporate them into the soil for proper decomposition. Buy a tiller that you can use for a wide range of functions.

How strong is the hand tiller?

Tilling is not an easy job, mostly when dealing with compacted and wet soils. For that reason, you need a hand tiller with a strong handle as well as tines. It is important to buy a hand tiller with steel tines which are sharp for easy penetration in the soil. Also, buy one that has a good handle to avoid blisters on your hands.


It is not easy to pick a good hand tiller as a result of the many types available on the market. However, with the above tips, you can easily buy the right-hand tiller. Therefore, use the above hand tillers buying guide, and you will pick the right-hand tiller for your garden.

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