How to maintain the rattan garden furniture tables during winter

Winter comes with chilling temperature and cold. Like other seasons winter has its pros and cons, but winter mostly destroys most of therattan garden furniture. It is important to protect the garden furniture from the cold temperature. It is advisable to keep the garden furniture indoors during the coldest months of winter. Bring home designer rattan garden furniture UK.

Garden furniture is designed to make the outdoor area look comfortable to spend a sunny day in nature. They are exposed to the weather conditions all year round, and care must be taken throughout the year. However, winter season specifically damages the garden furniture with the freezing rain, snow and cold winds. The garden furniture needs special care in winter, and the measures are quite easy to take care of them and prolong their life for future use.

The garden furniture must be regularly cleaned and scrubbed. The cleaning instructions may vary accordingly with the materials of the furniture. But the overall aim is to get rid of dust and dirt from the surface of the furniture. The furniture should then be painted or varnished as per requirement and covered with breathable materials. Some common measures for caring garden furniture in winter are:

  • Cleaning the dirt with the help of sponge soaked in the soap solution and later drying them with a lint-free cloth
  • Upholstery and cushions must be stored after cleaning,and proper instruction must be followed for the fabrics
  • The folding chairs and tables must be folded before storing them indoors as it will spare some space
  • The furniture should be regularly checked to prevent moisture accumulation
  • Garden furniture should be cleaned and stored as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer
  • Proper conditioning should be done before covering the furniture
  • Garden furniture covers should be waterproof and fit the furniture perfectly
  • If not indoors, then the garden furniture can be stored in any sheltered area

The garden furniture is made with materials that are manufactured to last long and withstand the harsh weather. Each material has different caring instructions, which is to be followed for prolonging the life of the furniture and to protect against the harsh weather conditions. Some special measures to protect the garden furniture are discussed below:

Wooden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture is made to last long by applying protective sealant over the surface of the wood. This acts as a barrier against moisture. However, it is to be kept in mind that winter can ultimately damage the wooden garden tables. The freezing temperature of the winter can cause cracks in the winter table surface. During winter, the sealant can be applied all over again before covering it with customized covers made according to the size and type of furniture. It should be stored indoors and checked regularly.

Wicker Furniture

The wicker garden furniture should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped off before covering. The furniture can be repainted or applied with good quality varnishes. It is known that sunlight is the biggest enemy of wicker. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep the wicker garden furniture tables open in sunlight for a long period of time.

Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic or plastic furniture are made durable as they are prone to moisture. It is mostly resistant to moisture and can withstand rains. However, the cold temperature of the winter can still make the plastic tables crack. The acrylic materials are brittle in nature,and during winters it is advisable to bring them indoors. The plastic garden furniture is easily stackable and can easily be stored during winters.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron garden furniture is lightweight and low-maintenance furniture. However, the moisture content in the environment during the winters can make the constituent metal of the wrought iron furniture to break down and form rust. The outer surface of the tables must be galvanized, but for extending the life of wrong iron furniture, on should never expose them to harsh winter.

Cast Aluminum Furniture

The garden furniture made with cast aluminum is durable and lightweight furniture. They are particularly suitable for garden furnishing as they are prone to rust and moisture. There are many covers which are available that can be used to cover the furniture. However, during heavy snow and coldest weather it is advisable to shift the cast aluminum furniture indoor, to prolong their usage.

Ideally, the garden furniture can be enjoyed as per the weather condition of a particular country. The material of the garden furniture can be curated in a way to make it available for the whole year. The garden furniture made with teak can be left outdoors in winter, provided proper care is taken. The fabrics used in the garden furnishing can be chosen to be ultra-violet resistant and durable. The furniture can be kept under shade that can protect from water. Proper cleaning and maintenance are a need in all seasons, apart from winter, to prevent mildew and moss accumulation over the furniture prolonging their life.

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