The summer is here and you must be thinking of making a few changes or bringing new additions to your garden in order to fill it with some other plants. If  you are wondering which plants to get for your summer Garden, you must have a look at the plants that are mentioned below; they are perfect for your summer garden and can easily be obtained through online plants delivery at your place;

Green chillies

You can enjoy the taste of homegrown green chillies by bringing them into your garden. They are known to aid in weight loss by helping you burn your calories faster. You may either eat them raw or use them in your vegetable curry, you can also make chutney or pickles using the green chillies. They are also a great source of vitamin C. 


They thrive well in high temperatures and require well-drained soils for them to grow well. The eggplant loves the sun however you shall ensure that the roots are moist. You shall put manure into the soil in order to keep it fertile. You can also put a stick in the soil in order to provide better support to the plant. 

Bottle Gourd

If your kids do not love eating bottle gourd and find some or The Other excuse to escape the vegetable, you must try planting a bottle guard at your home itself and cooking it and offering it to the kids. The kids would be delighted to see a vegetable that has been grown in their Garden itself, also it would taste different from the one that you purchase from the market, simply because you have nourished it in your own Garden. All you need is to ensure a good support to the plant as it is a creeper.


The pumpkin is a popular backyard vegetable that is often grown by people in order to enjoy the summer. The pumpkin is both good for your health and for your taste buds as well. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.


Cucumbers must definitely be everybody’s favourite summer delight, after all, they are so useful. The cucumber is blessed with a high water content which refreshes our body and helps us feel hydrated during the hot summer. Consuming cucumbers can help you regulate your body temperature. The cucumbers are Also believed to be a great source of potassium fibre and magnesium. Cucumbers also find their use in enhancing our beauty. 


If you are willing to purchase outdoor plants for home then you must consider bringing the coriander plant into your garden because they find their uses in most of our kitchen dishes. You can have fresh coriander leaves in your garden and prepare tasty dishes using the leaves for garnishing the vegetable curry that you made or you may use them for making chutney. 


The little Shrub of mint can make a wonderful addition to your summer garden, you can grow it for making delightful and refreshing summer drinks such as lemonade. Just like the coriander, mint can also find its use in making chutney as well. However, you must ensure that you trim the plant often because it spreads very quickly. 


It would be impossible to imagine a summer garden without the presence of the red pearls. Here, by red pearls, we mean the tangy tomatoes which add flavours to your curries and find their uses in salads as well. You can get tomato seeds from the market to buy plants online and place them in your garden.

Hurry! bring these plants into your garden and enjoy the flavours of summers with vegetables that you grow in your garden. 

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