In the past, we can easily keep our computers safe just by keeping strong passwords and the best antivirus software. Nowadays, if you are just using a strong password and an antivirus to protect your computer, you can’t save your computer from hackers. They can easily get access to your computer by using viruses. With the help of these viruses, they can also infect the Master Boot Record. If you are using a computer for personal use, you may not get major problem from hackers. Its reason is that the hackers don’t have any kind of interest in your files. Anyhow, it has become a threat alert for the website servers and computing systems. They are deploying these systems and servers across various industrial applications. Here, we will discuss the Intel platform trust technology.

What is Trusted Platform Module?

The hackers can easily get access to the lowest level of the memory of your laptop. If hackers get access to the lowest level of the memory of your laptop, how can you deal with them? When hackers interfere with malicious elements in the fundamental coding of your operating system, you can’t do anything by using the software. Here, we have to make use of the trusted platform modules. During the manufacturing of the system, we have to attach a microprocessor chip. We have to back up this chip with a digital signature. We have to make it cryptographically secure. That’s why the hackers have to make a hard time breaking into this chip. During the manufacturing process of the system, we have to solidify this chip on the motherboard.

When you will boot up this system, it will verify the integrity of the rest of the hardware. Moreover, it also checks the integrity of the fundamentals of the hardware. If it finds everything perfect, it allows the booting of the system. On the other hand, if it detects some problems in the system, it stops its booting process. We can also do it by etching the unique cryptography key in the hardware. By using this key, we can easily encrypt and decrypt the content of the hardware. We can’t encrypt this key without the original key. As a result, the hackers can’t make possible changes in the system. To make possible changes in the system, the hackers have to get permission from the users.

What is Intel Platform Trust technology?

No doubt, if we want to save our computer systems against low-level attacks, we can make use of the trusted platform module. Anyhow, it has some major issues. If we want to use this system, we have to install a new microprocessor chip into the computer systems. This microprocessor chip has its memory. Moreover, it consumes extra energy for functionality. Now, the major problem is that it is not the best choice for smaller systems like tablets and embedded PCs. If we want to use these smaller systems, we have to make them extra efficient. While using them at the commercial levels, we can’t get its security advantage. Intel has provided the best solution to this problem.

It has developed Intel platform trust technology. If we utilize Intel platform trust technology, we don’t require additional memory or additional power. We just need to install Intel platform trust technology into the hardware of the system. To provide security to the users, it is offering simple authentication checks. While using Intel platform trust technology, you should also keep in mind that it is still offering a tamper-proof trust module to the users. Its reason is that Intel is providing the unique cryptography key to the users along with Silicon chip. It is providing this key during the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is hard for us to alter this key externally. That’s why we can also say that it is enhancing the security of the system.

Advantages of Intel Platform Trust Technology:

According to an assignment help firm, before the Intel platform trust technology, we were using a trusted platform module. It has backed it. To use this system, we have to use a separate chip. This separate chip requires additional memory and power. When we try to install this chip in the embedded computers like fanless industrial PCs, we have to face some problems. These computers have small footprints. Due to the small footprints, we can’t accommodate the additional drain of these chips on these computers. For this reason, we have to look for other sources to increase the security of our system. Under such a situation, Intel platform trust technology is the best choice for us. When we will use it, we don’t require additional hardware.

By using this technology, we can also secure the data in the most low-power processors. Moreover, we can also boot the record by using Intel platform trust technology. This technology has also some other advantages over other technology. It is an infinitely scalable technology. Either we are using its tablet or an embedded computer; we can use it out of the box. No doubt, when we are getting more benefits from technology, we also think about its price. Here, you don’t need to worry about its price. Its reason is that it is providing the best security solutions to the users at affordable prices. That’s why; this technology is getting enough fame in the technological world.


We are just seeing advancement in technology. Along with seeing advancement in technology, we should also think about its security. Its reason is that hackers are also growing along with time. In the past, we could save our systems from hackers just by using strong passwords and antivirus. Nowadays, we can’t save our systems from hackers just by using strong passwords and antivirus software. To save the systems from hackers, we have introduced a trusted platform module. This trusted platform module requires memory and energy. We can’t use this technology in the embedded systems. That’s why we have to think forward. Nowadays, we have introduced Intel platform trust technology. This technology has solved all the problems of the users. Moreover, it is also a cost-effective solution for us.

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