The SAP sales cloud platform is one of the core pillars of the SAP CX service. Recently, after the CallidusCloud acquisition, the multinational ERP brand SAP decided to introduce the top-of-the-class sales performance management solution into the SAP sales cloud.

This new innovative solution, SAP sales cloud, soon became a hit and several companies implemented this solution to enhance the management of their sales performance. It was sincerely due to the critical need for establishing a correct approach and effective strategic planning solution to establish a successful SPM process in any organization.

The Significance of SAP Sales Cloud

SAP sales cloud determines the area of work and the sales quotas of the company’s sales agents. Once the SSC solution has established the territories to ensure profitability, you may utilize this data to ensure that your forecasting, combined with your sales representative’s current activities, is correct and supported by previous performance patterns.

Lastly, you need to verify if your current sales compensation plan motivates the sales agents to perform accordingly to bring in the desired results.

This sets the primary use of the SAP Sales Cloud.

The sales cloud has several other features and functions to support these actions, such as territory management, comprehensive commission management, and quota management. These features play a significant role while planning a successful sales strategy. It, in turn, enhances the overall sales performance management process of the company.

In the following part, we have discussed these features. We have also pointed out how they drive a company’s sales performance management process.

Commission Management

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SAP Commissions is a customizable end-to-end solution that allows you to oversee the whole incentive offset system. With the Commission Cloud, you can manage all the purchase orders to compensate for the direct and indirect salespeople or marketing agents.

You can customize the solution to the changing market environment to present you with a flexible business process. This off-the-box software provides you the ability to modify sales behavior anytime according to your need. It eliminates any commission mistakes, connects sales with company objectives, and assists you in effectively spending your incentive resources.

SAP Commissions enable the monitoring of the reward system to be quick, simple, and precise, with total transparency, accountability for the past, present, and future compensation payments. It also provides you with sophisticated dashboards, preconfigured accounts, and rigorous modeling to assist you in making the correct business decisions.

Key Features of Commission Management

Sales Change Comportment

You may provide unparalleled insight in payments and efficiency to your sales reps and marketing executives whenever, anywhere, and on any device. Sales agents can easily access the real-time achievement and performance stats to assess the position compared to their sales strategy.

Integrated precise Crediting system

The built-in lending engine enables you, through easy drag-and-drop operations, to acquire complicated roles, relations, and various functionalities.

Compensation settlement Disputes

Commissions may quickly investigate and resolve conflicts with single click traceability and communicate the data with the salesperson, generally resolving the issue in moments rather than days.

Comprehensive auditing and track-and-trace

The SAP Sales Cloud’s Commissions system offers transparency and traceability of 100% audit trail to adhere to the Sarbanes-Oxley Law (SOX). Each panel includes complete audit trails recording who changed what and when.

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The single-click tracking enables you to quickly track any reward sum straight to the original sales payment.

Backend Systems Integration

The SAP Sales Cloud allows you to integrate your processes with all major CRM, ERP, and HR systems. It connects both the database and operation levels. With its application, you can gather real-time information and have the freedom to conduct the company’s operations throughout multiple company systems.

Territory Management and Quota Management

Territory and quota planning is frequently an excessively complex and difficult activity. It is necessarily performed at least once a year in any organization. The procedure is extensively lengthy and cannot be tracked successfully when performed using spreadsheets and e-mails.

Using the SAP Sales Cloud, you may automate the territory and quota management process by leveraging quality insights premised on previous performances and territory potentials.

Key Features of Territory and Quota Management

Sales Strategy

SAP Sales Cloud provides a quota suggestion engine that saves you any difficult formulation for quota, zonal supervision, and quota tracking. This solution lets you lessen the duration invested in territorial planning and quota planning and maybe even decrease the managerial burden.

Scientifical Quota Allocation

Smart recommendations are allocated for each sales agent depending on several variables such as past performance and SAP CRM probability data. The use of both retrospective and prospective measurements helps guarantee that quotas are established reasonably and scientifically for both startup companies and established organizations.

Unique Integration

The SAP Sales Cloud allows you to integrate all key CRM systems, incentive applications, Enterprise resource planning software, accounting systems, and HR processes into one unified sales management system. You may link any system with API, SaaS, or on-site system, utilizing extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools.

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Soon a newer version of SAP Sales Cloud will be available in integration with the SAP S/4 HANA, which is currently under development.


It is easy to include salespeople in strategic quota planning using SAP Sales Cloud. It is vital to obtain employee buy-in to ensure that they assume accountability for their goals. Sales managers may allocate quotas using an integrated procedure, enabling every salesperson to apply for a modification.

Territory and quota management will facilitate a rapid and collaborative allocation, dissemination, negotiation, and quota adoption throughout the entire direct and indirect sales team. This solution also keeps records of any request modification and following discussions so that any changes can be tracked and audited.


SAP Sales Cloud offers several efficient tools for organizations that want to improve their overall performance management process. To accelerate and enhance the capabilities of the SAP Sales Cloud, you can also take the assistance of an SAP consulting company.

Employing an SAP consulting company could offer you an end-to-end administration of the SAP Sales Cloud. It might also help your company establish an effective, precise, innovative, and profitable Sales Performance Management System.

This Article Originally posted on July 5, 2021 @ 5:55 pm

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