Having a garden adds to the serenity of the house. It provides a soothing effect to the stressed mind. Every minute spent in the garden is quality time. To have a proper seating arrangement, sofas can be used.

Why sofa set for your garden?

The garden stands at the pinnacle of the beauty of the house. How cozy the garden displays the attention we pay. Hence, it is only natural to make it every bit comfortable as possible. This comfort begins with a proper seating arrangement. When one says sitting, the first thing to pop up in our mind is a sofa.

Although chairs are available, the act of sitting leisurely is possible only in sofas. But, is comfort the only thing that should matter? No. Although comfort is essential, if the sofa is not eye-catching, then it is useless. Therefore, a sofa set in your garden has to serve a dual purpose:

  • be comfortable to sit and
  • appeal to the aesthetics.

Factors affecting your selection of sofa

You cannot buy a couch on a whim. They are several aspects that determine the suitable sofa for your garden. So, let us check the below factors, before going to buy a sofa.

Size determines

The most important aspect is the size of your sofa. If your sofa occupies most of the available spaces, then it has lost its purpose. Note that a garden is primarily meant to have a lot of plants and secondarily as a comfort zone. If the sofa is larger than your garden area:

  • first, it will not fit;
  • second, only the sofa will be visible; the garden will be lost, and there will not be any extra space to plant further.

So, measure the area of your garden. Now, decide on your comfort zone where the sofa is to be kept. Then measure this area and choose the sofa that fits this dimension. Buying without measuring is a waste of money.

 The material of the sofa

The sofa is available in many materials, from leather to nylon. The rate varies based on the material used. Let us see some of the fabrics:

  • Natural fibers

This includes all materials obtained from plants: cotton, linen, rayon, and wool. These are durable but are prone to damage from moisture and also attract insects.

  • Synthetic fibers

As the name denotes, these are artificial fibres produced from chemicals. This includes nylon, acrylic, propylene, etc. The major benefit is that it does not attract insects as much as the natural ones. Also, these are combined with natural fibres to increase endurance and durability.

  • Leather

Using leather as sofa cover displays the luxury it provides. A single sofa may have different types of leather with various quality. Since there are chances for being duped, check for the trademark indicating the genuineness.

Colour of the sofa

Colour is the first thing that lures a person. So, the colour of the sofa must attract the people. Since it is going to be placed within the garden, against the lush greeneries, the palette options feasible are:

  • neutral colours to be in harmony with the garden as well as to have an elegant look;
  • accented to be in contrast with the background; and so on.

The colours used can have either light or dark shade. But, be careful to avoid jarring colour shades. Colour mixing also enhances the sight. Note that using green variants may add to the beauty or may look less appealing. This is determined mainly by the arrangement of plants and the position of the sofa.

Style of the sofa

The style in the garden should complement the style of the house. Based on this the sofa has to be selected.  There are several models available.

The recent trend is the use of modular sofas, which can be easily folded and neatly stacked to avoid occupying space.

The next preferred model is the convenient sofa set with arm sofas. All these elements can be used inside the garden if space permits. Otherwise, only the main sofa can be used while the arm sofas can be placed inside the home. This makes the garden look as a part of the house.

There are sofas with wooden frames. The entire structure is made of wood and is therefore long standing. But, the seating arrangements come as a separate entity.

Seats and cushions

Although the size and style are important, the arrangement of the seats is equally important. If the sofa is of cushion type, then there is no additional cost of seats. But, in the case of wooden frames, the seats have to be fitted separately. So, check the quality of the seat and the material stuffed with. Check for holes and proper stitches. It is true that higher the price higher will be the quality. But, you can also buy the right ones at an affordable cost with a proper search.

Hope the above factors have given a clear understanding of the role of various elements. Do proper research on these governing elements, discuss with your family members, reach a consensus and then go shopping. If you are shopping without planning, you may end with an ordinary one.

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