Many companies are trying their luck in Asia-Pacific. Most of these companies have great ideas and want to offer new as well as high-quality products on the market. The companies need to have a clear understanding of various laws and regulations that they need to follow. On top of that, there are many requirements needed before starting a business in China. For that reason, these companies need to have a reliable and trusted company that will walk with them at every stage of companies’ growth. INS Global Consulting is the only company that has proved to offer top-notch solutions that benefit companies seeking to expand in Asia-pacific. Below is a brief discussion of why INS Global Consulting is the go-to company when it comes to solutions that benefit foreign companies.

Offer top quality services

It can be very challenging for foreign companies to grow in a foreign country. With solutions and services from INS Consulting, companies are not facing many challenges. The company provides services that help foreign companies in tax, payroll and HR management. On top of that, the company helps foreign companies in understanding laws that affect the operation of the businesses. INS has the right team to assists companies in company formation, recruitment and invoicing.

When it comes to employment solutions, INS Global Consulting has many solutions in store for all companies. The company assists businesses in coming up with payroll structures for personnel and assist in contract negotiation between their clients and employees. This ensures that all their clients enjoy transparent staff management which gives business the opportunity to focus on their core objectives. With INS employment solution, businesses can forget HR concerns as they are taken care of.

Assist in tax filing

When it comes to tax filing, foreign companies need to have vast knowledge. They need to understand the rates and comply with all requirement by the respective nations. INS Global Consulting has an experienced team that understands all steps and documents required in tax filing in China and other countries in Asia-Pacific. For your business to run smoothly in Asia-pacific, paying tax is a must, and that is why you need experts to assist you.

Have an experienced team

INS Global Consulting is one of the companies in China and Asia-pacific that serves clients with expertise. The company understands that you need to meet your objectives and that is why they have a ready team to assist you in expanding your business. They have people who understand the local market, business laws and everything you need to know in doing business in Asia-Pacific.


INS Global Solution has a proven track record in assisting companies to flourish in China and other countries in Asia-Pacific. The company has helped many businesses such as Leda, Esdor, Aegon, Areva, Rhonea, Laser, De Bortoli Wines and many others. The company makes sure that all their solutions benefit their clients and help them achieve their business goals in Asia-Pacific.

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