When attending a wedding, you and your son should look very smart. Some parents just dress smartly and dress their babies normally, forgetting that the baby is also attending the wedding. Your baby boy should be well dressed, and that will also motivate you to attend the ceremony. How should you dress your baby boy when attending a wedding? Here are tips and ideas to help you pick the best baby boy wedding outfit for your boy.

  • Consider a classy look

This outfit will make your son the center of attraction during the wedding. The outfit includes a white shirt with classy buttons and comfortable dark trousers. The trousers should have suspenders for a classy look. To enhance the look, remember to use classic cufflinks. Add a bow tie, beautiful socks and some black shoes for a complete look. If the boy is too young for shoes, socks are enough.

  • Old faithful outfit

You don’t have to go for a classy suit to make your baby boy look great for the wedding. You can go for a tuxedo onesie, shirt, bow tie and a waist coat. This outfit will look old but classic for a wedding. You just need to carefully pick the colors and pick a pant that is not too bright. A white onesie, red bow tie, grey waistcoat and grey trouser will do the trick. This outfit is comfortable and your son will like it. The look will be simple, casual and you will also like it. Don’t forget white socks for the boy.

  • Fancy outfit

If you want all eyes on your baby boy, you can go for a fancy outfit. You can consider a tail suit and waistcoat, white long-sleeved shirt and trousers matching the waistcoat. However, for a nice look, you should get the right size for the boy so that he can look good and feel comfortable. Remember to style the boy’s hair and get colorful socks and a black bow tie for a complete stunning look.


Comfort is the main factor to consider – Weddings involves a lot of activities like dancing, and moving up and down. It can be a long day for your son if he feels uncomfortable in his outfit.  For that reason, you should go for a comfortable baby boy wedding outfit. Avoid too tight or too lose outfits. Too tight outfits can make the boy not breathe property and can make him feel extremely hot. Too loose outfits can make the child look funny and feel cold in case of a windy or cold day. What’s more, the fabric should be soft not to irritate your boy’s skin.

Have two sets of wedding outfits – Babies can mess up at any time. He can spill wine or food on his wedding outfit and that can inconvenience you.  But with another set on the bag, you will just change your handsome boy. That way, you will not have to leave the party to go change the boy.

Keep the baby boy warm – Some outfits are too light to keep the baby warm. Therefore, you should find a way to keep the baby warm. It is important to have onesies or a t-shirt under the wedding outfit to keep the boy warm.

Final Words When going for a wedding, you and your baby boy should look great. The above outfit ideas will help you pick the best baby boy wedding outfit for your boy. In addition, the tips will ensure you get comfortable outfit that keeps the boy warm during the wedding.

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