Braun Clean And Renew System

Braun Clean And Renew System

Braun clean and renew system is a cleaning device with the solution for Braun shaver series 7, series 5 and series 3. With this cleaning device your shaver is hygienically cleaned, lubricated, dried and charged and ensures better performance and maintenance. The Braun clean and renew refills are available in a cartridge and each cartridge lasts about 2530 cleaning cycle.

Why use Braun Clean and Renew fluid?

It’s Like A New Shaver Every Time You Shave…..

For cleaning, an alcohol based solution is used that helps remove shaved stubble from the shaver and also lubricate the blades to enhance efficiency. During the cleaning process the shaver battery is automatically recharged and also releases a refreshing lemon scent. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.After cleaning is completed the shaver is dried within the device through a heat inductive system. The Braun Clean and renew system makes the razor work like a new one after every good cleaning cycle.

You also get the option to clean your shaver in the fast mode which is done within 25 seconds only. This cleaning device is fully automated, and all the functions are done at the touch of a button.

Of course, you can always opt to clean the Braun shaver like any other shaver with a brush without going for refills. Otherwise, if you don’t mind spending some extra dollars, the Braun Clean and Renew system works just great. It will not be a good idea to use other agents such as alcohol, baby oil and lemon juice as refilling liquid as suggested by some because it will simply damage the blades and manually cleaning the filter head would be quite a task. Not worth the time and effort and chances are you’ll have to replace your shaver in no time.

Since the product ensures superior quality, you can be assured of no infection or irritation problems. Some customers have been using a Braun razor for more than five years and counting and Braun shaver cleaner has a role to play for the stability and endurance. Clean and Renew is a great way to keep the world’s best electric shaver in tip top condition, always giving the best.

Downside of Braun Clean and Renew System

The downside of this cleaning fluid is that it evaporates somehow even if you don’t use it once you refill from the cartridge. This is because it is an alcohol based solution. However, you can avoid this by keeping the container tightly closed and storing it in a cool place, protected from light to control evaporation. But do not freeze it.

Price is another concern but you should be able to get a bargain with the discounts provided. Normally, 8 – 10 Braun clean and renew refill cartridges are sufficient for a year supply if you use your shaver just once a day.


Braun Clean and Renew Best price

Braun clean and renew refills are available at most chemist stores, Wal-marts and departmental sore but they usually charge full price for the product. You get a better deal with online retailers. You can’t buy directly from the Braun official website. It gets redirected to other online retailers based upon your choice. Among the competitive prices from online retailers you get the best price from Amazon. >>>Click here to see Price and customers reviews<<<

There is a price difference of $1 to $2.5 per cartridge with the various online shopping sites. You don’t need to worry about late delivery anymore. Amazon delivery is fast, and depending on your delivery address it can be delivered within the same day of order and quite often you can get free shipping as well.

Amazon Discount Link

Note: Actual discount may vary and change anytime

Braun CCR2 CCR-2 Clean & Renew Refill Cartridges (12 Cartridges)
Braun CCR2 CCR-2 Clean & Renew Refill Cartridges (12 Cartridges)
This is a good deal and saves your time from buying Braun clean and renew refills every month. As long as you have access to these Braun clean and renew refill cartridges you don’t have to worry about your shaver performance and maintenance for well over 12 months. This will work for all Braun Pulsonic, Syncro, Activator, 360 Complete, Contour & Flex XP clean & charge systems.

Braun Syncro Shaver System Clean & Renew Refills Shaver Refills 3 Pack
Braun Syncro Shaver System Clean & Renew Refills Shaver Refills 3 Pack
These are also a good deal but note that it can only be sent to the contiguous 48 states. It is suitable for all Braun cleaning system.

Braun Syncro Shaver Clean & Renew Refills 6 Pack
Braun Syncro Shaver Clean & Renew Refills 6 Pack
This clean and renew refill cartridge is for Braun Syncro (models 7526, 7546, 7680), Activator (models 8585 and 8595), and Flex XP System (model 5790) Shavers.


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