Tendler Dental Clinic; Home of Hawthorn East Dental Services

For a long time, it was hard to find qualified and experienced dentists in Melbourne. This is now history as residents can find qualified dentists at Tendler Dental Clinic. Currently, we are the number one clinic that is serving all residents with excellent dental treatment services. We are also helping those people who have discolored or damaged teeth to regain the natural color and shape of the teeth. We have the equipment and personnel to serve you well and help you live a comfortable life without dental problems. Below is a detailed discussion of our Hawthorn East dental services and why we are the number one dental clinic in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Offer dental cosmetic treatment services

One thing that makes our clinic the best in the area is offering dental cosmetic services that help people get beautiful teeth. It feels bad when one can’t smile in public due to discolored teeth or broken teeth. We have come to address that problem so that persons with discolored and damaged teeth can smile like others. Our cosmetic treatment solutions include porcelain veneers, dental implants, crown and bridges that help dental patients have the best teeth appearance.

Mouth filling and dental implants services

For a long time, people have been removing decaying teeth. This is not the best option in today’s world. Tendler has come with treatment options that can help you heal and reshape a broken or decaying tooth. Mouth filling is the new practice that helps in healing and reshaping a decaying tooth. We have the right tools to drill and clean the infected area in the tooth. After that, we fill the tooth using high-quality material that gives your teeth a brand new look. On top of that, when it comes to lost teeth, we offer dental implant services that fill the gaps left by the lost or removed teeth.

Offer emergency dental care services

A toothache is very painful. You need to take painkillers to calm the pain, but you need a lasting solution. When one has an emergency case such as swelling of the face, pain, bleeding of gums and many others as a result of a dental problem, we take it as an emergency. We are ready to treat you any time any day. If you are in Hawthorn East and surrounding areas, kindly contact us when you have any dental issues that need immediate treatment.

Have the right team of dentists

Another thing that makes our clinic successful is having experienced dentists who are hardworking and ready to serve the patients. We have a highly educated team of specialists who offer the wide range of services that we offer such as tooth removal, root canal treatment, and many others. The team is always on time when you book an appointment and will serve you well enabling you to walk home smiling.


From above it is evident that Tendler Dental clinic provides exceptional Hawthorn East dental services. We have all that it takes to treat all your dental issues. Therefore, contact us for any dental issue, and you will be pleased with our services.

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