You should always keep dirt, dust as well as other contaminants away from your cleanroom. We all know the clean rooms should always be free of dirt and contaminants. For that reason, you need to have the right mat just outside your clean room. A sticky mat is what you need. Sticky mats trap dirt, dust and other contaminants as you walk over them. However, you need to use the mats in the right way to keep your cleanroom perfectly clean at all time. Here are essential tips that will help you use sticky mats or tacky mats in the right way.

Install the sticky mat just outside your cleanroom

Your cleanroom needs to remain fresh at all times. For that reason, you should not install the tacky mat inside the room. You should place it in front of the door to the cleanroom. This ensures that it traps all the dirt before it gets inside the room. You should make sure that it covers the high traffic areas just outside the cleanroom.

Have a long and wide enough tacky mat

The essence of a sticky mat is to trap dirt, debris, and contaminants from the shoes of persons getting to the cleanroom of your company. For that reason, it should be long enough for one to at least step on it two or three times with each foot. This ensures that more dirt is removed. On top of that, the mat should be wide enough to cover the high traffic area. This makes sure that everybody walking to the cleanroom gets to step on the adhesive mat.

First, clean the floor, and then install the new sticky mat

If you want the sticky mat to serve you in the right way and for a long time, you need to install it in the right way. First, you need to clean the floor and let it dry. From there you should now carefully install the tacky mat. Remove the bottom protective sheet, place the first two corners on one end, and hold the mat away from the floor. After that, you should press down at the edges and smooth the tacky mat down (just like applying a sticker). Smooth the mat by pushing it firmly on the floor from one end to the other. This ensures that it sticks firmly and all air bubbles are removed.

How to walk on a tacky mat

All persons walking to the cleanroom need to understand how the mat works. For the mat to trap dirt, you must firmly press your entire sole on the sticky mat. As a result, you should tell workers as well as persons moving to the cleanroom to walk firmly on the sticky mat to ensure that all dirt, dust, and contaminants are removed from their shoes.

Remove the top sheet when necessary

Sticky mats come with close to 30 layers of sheets. For that reason, when the top layer gets dirty and can’t trap more dirt, you should remove it. You should find a tab and pull up the sheet. You should roll the top sheet as you remove it to prevent dirt and dust from flying into the air.

Final words

Sticky mats are of great help in preventing dirt, contaminants, and dust from getting into the cleanroom of your organization. You should install the mat in the right way, at the right place and remove the top sheet when necessary. Also, make sure that you buy the right mat from a reliable manufacturer. You can get a quality sticky mat at International EnviroGuard.

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