Businesses Doing Well in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one the cities in California that are getting a lot of money from businesses. The city collectsmore than $130 million every year. This means that the city is well suited for business and many businesses are coming up every year. When you have enough capital, there are various industries you can target to make profits. The hospitality, car business and entertainment business are some of the businesses doing well. Below is a brief discussion of several sectors doing well and some of the reasons that make them perform excellently.

Accommodation and hotel business

Santa Monica is one of the cities that has a beach and many tourist attraction sites. There is Santa Monica Beach which attracts many tourists as well as residents. These means that the people visiting the beach need a place to stay as well as take delicious meals. There are many hotels and accommodation apartments in the city. Most of the hotels offer a wide range of dishes ranging from American foods to Italian ones. Huntley Santa Monica Beach, The Georgian Hotel, Ocean View Hotel and many others are some of the leading hotels doing well. The industry is open to many players all you need is enough capital and a new way of satisfying clients’ accommodation needs.

Car business

Santa Monica is a leading city when it comes to the car business. There are many car dealers across the city, and they are doing excellently. Most of these car dealers sell top quality cars of all prices. Most of them specialize in new cars but there many who specialize in second-hand cars. Toyota Santa Monica, Major Motor Cars, Pacific Luxury Motors, Santa Monica Audi, Honda of Santa Monica, Lexus Santa Monica are some of the leading motor dealers in the area. These companies perform well because they have enough capital, have great salespersons and offer vehicles of high quality.

Real estate business

This sector is doing well, but there is still room for new players. There are few real estate developers but many real estate agents. This means with the increasing number of tourists every year and many young professionals; the real estate sector need more investors. This will make sure that there will be enough accommodation for tourists as well as residents working in many of the city businesses. Few requirements are needed by the local authority, and your business will be up and running.

Tech Startups

There are many tech startups in the city. Most of these startups are employing may young professionals. Inspire, PatSnap, HallMark Labs, Edmunds, TalkUs, Headspace and many others are startups in Santa Monica doing well. The startups are able to raise funds through venture capitalism that make their operations easy. If you have that great startup idea, make it happen in Santa Monica.


All businesses in Santa Monica are doing well ranging from food to car business. Many factors promote the excellence of these businesses such as the presence of ready market and post office services. Believe it; the post office has Santa Monica post office phone number that many businesses use in case they need inquiries from the postal services provider. The environment is good for business, and that is why every sector is doing well.

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